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A "Snifter"so-called "Brandy Glass", Brandy Snifter, Cognac Glass, or Balloon is a short-stemmed glass which vessel has a narrow top and a wide bottom. It is mostly used for serving aged brown spirits such as bourbon, brandy, and cognac. However, it is sometimes used for some types of beer which has ABV of 8% or higher.The large surface area of the contained liquid helps evaporate it, the narrow top traps the aroma inside the glass, while the rounded bottom allows the glass to be cupped in hand, thus warming the liquor. Most snifters will hold between 180–240 ml (6–8 oz.) but are almost always filled to only a small part of their capacity. Most snifters are designed so that when placed sideways on a level surface, they will hold just the proper amount before spilling

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