Crystal Glass 

Premium Lead Crystal Glasses

Crystal Glasses

Chloris Tableware is offering crystal glass stemware for a great gift. We have selected only top quality and designer's selection. Fantastic look Crystal Glass Vases, high-quality Red Wine Glasses, White Wine Glasses and whisky wine decanters from antique to modern styles. Recommended stemware is on Dartington for V...

Premium Lead Crystal Glasses

Crystal Glasses

Chloris Tableware is offering crystal glass stemware for a great gift. We have selected only top quality and designer's selection. Fantastic look Crystal Glass Vases, high-quality Red Wine Glasses, White Wine Glasses and whisky wine decanters from antique to modern styles. Recommended stemware is on Dartington for Vases and Villeroy & Boch for Wine Glasses.



Red Wine Glasses

Selection of Red Wine Glasses

Different types of wine glasses exist for various kinds of wines. We present to you a wide selection of red wine glasses in decorative shapes, different sizes, and with a particular factor of elegance. Whether you plan on serving wine with your meal, or you just want to taste the fine wines in a vibrant bouquet, you can find a wine glass for every purpose with us. In wine there is the truth, in glass lies the beauty.  With stock from top crystal and glassware brands like Villeroy & BochDartington Crystal. Entree and Purismo brands we offer glass series for all types of wines. Whether Bordeaux or Burgundy, here you will find many different shapes, sizes and types of wine glasses. For the perfect taste of a good red or white wine, you must choose the right glass. Along with Red wine glasses, we also stock white wine glass so that that you enjoy the great fresh wine which is full of flavour and aroma. 

White Wine Glasses & Goblet

Selection of White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses are more U-shaped narrower upright than that of a red wine glass, allowing the aromas to be released while keeping the white wine cooler temperature. White wine is best stored temperate in the wine chiller is between 6.5 to 8.5 degree Celsius depending on the wine types. Basics for the white wine shape, in particular on the opening is that the younger white wines would be fit for a slightly larger opening than mature white wines. So in general, white wine glasses for younger wines has a wider opening and shorter in height than that for mature wines.

Champagne Glass Flute

Selection of Champagne Glass and flute

What is the champagne glass or champagne flute and what type is suitable for you? The way of selection of Champagne glass:
Champagne stemware refers to the flute and coupe glasses used in the consumption of Champagne, other sparkling wines, and certain beers
Most Popular Champagne Glass shape. It features long bowl shape, and most people recognize them for Champagne. The long stem is essential as it allows you to place your hand here, rather than on the bowl thus preventing your cold champagne from warming too quickly.

* Champagne Tulips

The tulip shaped is different to the flute because of the narrower opening and the wider bowl. The key point to this tulip shape is only to fill it half the way up the bowl, the widest point. Why? This shape traps the aromas under the bowl, preventing them from spilling out into the open air. Thus, in turn, will it serve you a better flavor, tastes, and aroma.

* Champagne Coupe's/Saucers

A shallow, broad-bowled, stemmed glass, commonly used for wedding receptions, often stacked in layers to build a champagne tower. This shape is a more traditional which its original style is often associated with the previous century when there were a limited amount and variation of glass types. Legend has it the shape of the glass was referred on the breast of Marie Antoinette, Joséphine de Beauharnais, Madame de Pompadour, or one of several other French aristocrats, although this is almost certainly untrue; the glass was designed especially for champagne in England in 1663, preceding those aristocrats by almost a century. This shape doesn’t allow you to watch the bubbles bounce off of each other like the above two do, but this is however quite a sophisticated, elegant and traditional way to drink Champagne. The broad surface area allows champagne to lose its carbonation more quickly, making it less suitable for the current style of very dry champagnes, compared to the sweeter champagnes that were popular in the 1930s. Therefore, the Coupe fell out of fashion except for traditional occasions such as weddings.

Crystal Tumbler Glass Tumbler Set

Glass Tumbler Crystal Tumbler Sets

Tumblers are flat-bottomed drinking glasses like below different types

* Collins glass, for a tall mixed drink

* Dizzy Cocktail Glass, a glass with a wide, shallow bowl, comparable to a regular Cocktail glass but without the stem

* Highball glass, for mixed drinks

* Iced tea glass

* Juice glass, for fruit juices and vegetable juices

* Old Fashioned glass, traditionally, for a simple cocktail or liquor "on the rocks". Contemporary American "rocks" glasses may be much larger and used for a variety of beverages over ice

* Shot glass, a small glass for up to four ounces of liquor. The modern shot glass has a thicker base and sides than the older whisky glass

* Table-glass or staked gran yoni

* Water glass

* Whisky tumbler, a small, thin-walled glass for a straight shot of liquor

Whisky Glasses

Fine whisky deserves to require suitable whisky glasses or tumblers. Old Fashioned whisky glasses which is called in other name such like lowball glass, or rocks glass are short tumblers used for serving alcoholic beverage, such as whisky, with ice cubes (“on the rocks”). It is also normally used to serve certain cocktails, such as the Old Fashioned, from which it receives its name. Selecting a suitable whisky tumblers and drop of fine whisky will give you a deep pleasure from a suitably selected one. Furthermore, lead crystal with classically heavy weight bottom will bring you better state of mind while drinking excellent whisky.

Martini Cocktail Glass

Selection of Martini Cocktail Glasses

A cocktail glass is a stemmed glass with an inverted cone bowl. Though they are often referred to as martini glasses, they differ from martini glasses in that they have smaller, narrower bowls with rounded or flat bottoms, while Martini glasses have larger, wider bowls that are entirely conical at the bottom. It is mainly used to serve cocktails. Its form derives from the fact that all cocktails are traditionally served chilled and contain an aromatic element. Thus, the stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink, and the wide bowl places the surface of the drink directly under the drinker's nose, ensuring that the aromatic element has the desired effect.

* A standard cocktail glass contains 13 centiliters

* Oversized cocktail glasses, ranging in capacity from 18cl to large glasses of 35cl or more are available.

Crystal Glass Vases - flower vase

Hand Cut by hand in the UK after mouth blown manufacturing, the Lead Crystal Glass Vases are so stunning and elegant over the outstanding background. Dartington Crystal, the true British Lead Crystal manufacturer still using traditional Swedish Glass Blowing techniques. The each and every piece of the crystal they make are thus the real masterpiece hold their name popular

Whisky Decanter Wine Decanter

Decanting means that pouring wine from a wine bottle to another vessel (Wine Decanters) but there are more behind.

There are some more reasons that the decanting process involves

1. Sediment separation: In general, wine in a bottle contains sediment that is separated during pouring wine to another vessel (wine decanters). So the residue is left in the original wine bottle. However, the need to decant for this purpose has been reduced significantly at present as most of the wines nowadays are no longer containing sediment not as much as they were in the old ages.

2. Aeration: This is the primary reason for decanting. The wine decanter is meant to mimic the effects of swirling the wine glass to stimulate the oxidation processes which trigger the release of more aromatic compounds. Also, it is thought to benefit the wine by smoothing some of the harsher aspects of the wine like "Tannins."

Browsing and choosing the wine Decanter

Decanters are majorly for red wine decanter, white wine decanter, and whisky decanter

"Decanter" is one type of vessel containing the liquid such as wine, whisky, or water but normally for wine serving. Decanters vary the size and design and shape as well as two different glass and crystal materials but the best recommendable material is crystal. Another type of decanter is
"Carafe" but it is not supplied with a stopper. Choosing a quality decanter is imperative as clear crystal decanter allows you to see wine in the decanter in its best colour and clarity. Sipping wine after appropriate decanting time while seeing the clear colour of its wine in a great design decanter is one of the ways of rewinding the day.

Jug Pitcher Carafe

"Pitcher" word is used for wide-mouthed vessels with a narrow mouth and handle for liquids and used for thin plastic shop packaging for milk in American English usage.

"Jug" is a container same like Pitcher but not used for retail packaging and the general word utilized in all other English speaking countries.

Jug types vary in different purpose in different countries

* Beer Jug: In certain countries, a "jug" refers to a jug containing 2 pints of beer. It is usually served along with one or more small glasses. In Britain there is a choice between a pint tankard and a strut glass of beer, a tankard may be called a tankard or a "jug". A jug of beer may also refer to a jug containing larger amounts (usually sized in Pint), but if a large jug is sold it will be advertised as such in the pub and this helps to reduce confusion.

* Whisky Jug: Used also for containing and serving whisky same like whisky decanter

* Water/Juice Jug

* Toby Jug

* Puzzle Jug

Glass Salad Bowls

Glass Salad Bowls are not only just for serving salad buy final decorative addition to a dining table. Glass Bowls are well used daily dinning time as well as any parties for serving salad or decorative foods in along with salad servers. Unlike bone china one, glass one is more adaptively matching to any dinner sets. It is more likely used for serving salad quite everyday

Crystal Candle Holders Candlesticks

Candlesticks Crystal Glass Candle Holders (Plural "Candelabra") is a holder for one or more candles, used for illumination, rituals, or decorative purposes.

Candlesticks are erroneously called "candlestick holders" by those who mistakenly think that candles are appropriately called candlesticks.

We have a variety of Candlesticks to suit any style for perfection such as the number of arms, from simple to more decorative design, from conventional to contemporary so make a perfect selection to your place and any party events.

There are several kinds of materials in the past, but at present Glass/Crystal and Porcelain are primarily used for candlesticks by most of the manufacturers. 

Simply decorating your dining table, shelves in the library room, any place at home with beautiful candlesticks will give you romantic mood as well as take your stressful day away.  

We stock best quality and collection of candlesticks so find out what you are looking for here at Chloris Tableware. Looking for Crystal Glass Candle Holders. Chloris Tableware stocks the best collection of Quality products by Villeroy & Boch, Dartington Crytal at affordable cost

Beer Glass

Choose the right shape of Beer Glass

Rewind your day off by drinking beer in a brilliant beer glass that is formed for different types of beer; Ales, lagers, stouts/porters and malts, different styles of beer: amber, blonde, brown, cream, dark, pilsner, red, black and wheat. The selection of beer glass suits the best aroma and taste of your favorite beer types or styles.

Brandy Glass (Snifter)

A "Snifter"so-called "Brandy Glass", Brandy Snifter, Cognac Glass, or Balloon is a short-stemmed glass which vessel has a narrow top and a wide bottom. It is mostly used for serving aged brown spirits such as bourbon, brandy, and cognac. However, it is sometimes used for some types of beer which has ABV of 8% or higher.The large surface area of the contained liquid helps evaporate it, the narrow top traps the aroma inside the glass, while the rounded bottom allows the glass to be cupped in hand, thus warming the liquor. Most snifters will hold between 180–240 ml (6–8 oz.) but are almost always filled to only a small part of their capacity. Most snifters are designed so that when placed sideways on a level surface, they will hold just the proper amount before spilling

Shot Glass

Shot Glasses are simply a fun way to serve and shot any shot of spirits! Everyone has shot glasses at home in most cases that are plain ones. Why not choosing something different and mixing it up with each other to make things more fun and exciting. Bring some excitement to your next home party with fine and quality crystal shot glasses.

Latte Macchiato Cup

Latte Macchiato is more or less like a caffe latte as it is made from a lot of hot milk at the bottom and a small amount of espresso added on top but with additional milk foam over the top. To make latte macchiato the mix of this three layers beautifully in the cup as well as to make the taste of coffee the best it is ideal to serve in a tall glass rather than shorter one. The layers can be a bit tricky at first, but if you pour with ease, it’s entirely possible visually beautiful and taste clear drinking step by step. As the milk "latte in Italian" is poured a lot, the thick wall of glass or cup is desirable to keep the coffee with milk hot as long as it can.

Glass TeaPot

Enjoy tea by glass teapot teapots, another brewing way of loose leaf tea is using glass teapots which are more contemporary than pottery teapots, which provides a visual experience through the glass wall as you watch over the tea leaves unfurl and the tea water being changed to the natural colour of tea kind. Furthermore, you can observe the steeping process over the glass, which will help you decide when the tea is appropriate for drinking upon your brewing preferences such like it is to be thick or light. As you usually use high-temperature hot water, the glass teapot should be quality tempered glass that withstands hot water.

Gin Glasses

Gin is a popular for many of us whether you prefer a common G&T or prefer to mix it seeing as a cocktail. Choose from a variety of gin eyeglasses including common highballs, Martini spectacles, and tumblers as well a great collection of steamed, large bowl Copa gin spectacles.