Products Categories

Referring to Product ranges, to the variety available for sale of products in such a way, we endeavour to make our customers happy with a purchase online. This product tree associates with the functionality and purpose of each of merchandising. Categories are from Dinner sets crystal glassware, from cutlery to cookware, from...

Products Categories

Referring to Product ranges, to the variety available for sale of products in such a way, we endeavour to make our customers happy with a purchase online. This product tree associates with the functionality and purpose of each of merchandising. Categories are from Dinner sets crystal glassware, from cutlery to cookware, from mugs to scented candles, from children things to gifts. 



Tea and Coffee

Tea & Coffee Cups Teapots Pottery

Coffee Tea Porcelain

Chloris Tableware stocks a huge range of Tea and Coffee pottery products including Teapot, Teacup tea cup & saucer sets and coffee cup and saucer sets, Espresso cups, and Breakfast cups. Browse and find them the one you are looking for at the different brands we stock. The ranges are from exquisite Premium one of special selection for gifts down to stylish casual one for everyday use.

Crystal Glass

Premium Lead Crystal Glasses

Crystal Glasses

Chloris Tableware is offering crystal glass stemware for a great gift. We have selected only top quality and designer's selection. Fantastic look Crystal Glass Vases, high-quality Red Wine Glasses, White Wine Glasses and whisky wine decanters from antique to modern styles. Recommended stemware is on Dartington for Vases and Villeroy & Boch for Wine Glasses.


Chloris Tableware stocks a wide range of flatware including cutlery sets, individual fork knife and spoon, Pastry Fork set, from suppliers; Villeroy & Boch, WMF, Portmeirion and more. Our marketing team, according to customer’s choice and their purchase at the shop here, has carefully selected stylish designs and quality cutlery


Children things

children things

we stock China Breakfast Dinner sets, Childrens Cutlery set including melamine for younger kids. Addition to these, Funny designs of Egg cups, Cartoon Money Boxes, Children Aprons, Table mats, children mugs are the other gift idea. Brands from WMF and Churchill China are the best choice here at Chloris Tableware

Serving Accessories

Tabletop Serving Accessories

Chloris Tableware stocks many stylish and designers' selected serving accessories on a tabletop. Table accessories bring personality and style to your dining table at home. From elegant to contemporary style of tableware accessories, what you can choose will give a pleasure and inspiration to create you own original style of dinner table at home or at any casual parties.

Cookware Kitchenware

A careful selection on Cookware and Cook accessories is essential as they would be using for long time or life time when they come with certain items like a Pressure Cooker. We therefore only select high quality products and premium brands to give our clients the perfect conveniency and functionality. We do recommend spending reasonable budget on cookware as they will get you return with long life and perfection

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Inspiration Gift Ideas

We have met many customers stressing from finding ideal presents for birthday or anniversary to their family and friends. We are here to help you make easier beautiful stuffs at Chlspecialisedare. We are specialized in vases, wall clocks, dinnerware, stemware, teacups being supplied from best quality suppliers. Our selections on fantastic design with best quality and affordable prices will make you enjoyable than ever before. Discover what you are looking for here at Chloris Tableware for your beloved family and friends. Anniversary Gift ideas, Gift ideas for man and Gift ideas for woman

Recommending items for her or for him

Beautifully designed Dunoon Mugs

Wine Decanters

China/Crystal Vases

Teapots Teacups and saucers

Candle Holders

Fine Bone China Mugs

Fine Bone China Mugs

fine bone china mugs

We are offering wide and various ranges of Fine Bone China Mugs from Dunoon mugsChurchill china mugs, Portmeirion, Villeroy and Boch, and Aynsley China. Handmade china quality and fantastic printings designed by famous artwork designers primarily in United Kindom are beneficial for you to shop online from us. Browse and find the right choice of design for Chloris Tableware. We are only offering high quality of premium bone having great designs designed by most famous artists from the UK and to the best of all, they are mostly made in the UK.

Fine Bone China Mugs are much durable thinner, and lighter in comparison with ordinary mugs you can buy any market available. They are worth enough pay the single penny rather than buying cheaper lower quality mugs. 

Dinner Box Sets UK

Dinner sets UK

Cheapest and simplest way of completing shopping is making a one-stop order for cheap Dinner sets in a box.  Dinner sets also can be not only for an easy wedding gift also for solution gift for a new house wife. At Chloris Tableware, enjoy a full reduction of prices on various designs from Churchill China and Aynsley.

Best Scented Candles

Scented Candles and Diffusers

Imagine that your guests entering home where a scented candle is burning creating an instantly pleasant impression and usually leading them to answer you, What smells so good in the room? Burning scented candles can treat with household odours or simply make your home smell great. A well-made scented candle specially made from natural material like soy or beeswax and a trimmed wick will melt to oil and burn as a liquid, neither dripping wax nor releasing smoke. Best Scented candles give off a pleasant fragrance and also attract the guests’ eyes by charming illumination of beautifully designed containers.

Fine China Plate

China Plates are the main items of dinnerware sets for daily use as well as serving guests whom you invite. Serving foods on beautifully designed and patterned plates is one of great joy for daily mealtime as well as occasional party events. We Chloris Tableware, stock huge selections of china plate like Dinner plates, Side plates, bread and butter plate, Square plates, platter, and pizza plates. Variety of different designs from famous china plate tableware suppliers are available online. You will find what you are looking for


Bowl for serving Salad

Bowl products vary from Salad Bowl, Soup Bowl, Pasta Bowl, Individual Rice Bowl, Deep Bowl and more. Bowl is one of the ideal items putting in the middle of the dining table and showing off the visibility of your dinner foods to guests. Either colourful salad in a Plain bowl or plain colour salad in a stylish patterned bowl would be a point on the dinner table. Chloris Tableware stocks any kinds of Quality Bowls from leading pottery suppliers. We guarantee the best suitable Bowls at our best prices.

Serving Dishes

Serving Dishes Serving Plates

Serving dishes including platters are sharing dishes with others at dinner or party. Collect a Lovely pattern on stylish shapes is another joy when serving people. We Chloris Tableware, are offering all types of Serving items such as serving plates, saucer boats, oval platters, Square platters, Soup Tureen, and pickle dishes by many premium brands

Wooden Gifts

Solid Oak made gifts

We are specialized in gifts with solid oak that were created, handmade and presented in our Worcester Park workshop.