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English Heritage Queens Churchill

Queens Churchill

Churchill China can trace its history back to 1795 in the heart of the world famous Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. Since then, they have developed a long history of providing ceramics to hospitality and retail markets. Churchill China first brands consisting of Queen’s, The Caravan Trail and Little Rhymes are well ...

English Heritage Queens Churchill

Queens Churchill

Churchill China can trace its history back to 1795 in the heart of the world famous Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. Since then, they have developed a long history of providing ceramics to hospitality and retail markets. Churchill China first brands consisting of Queen’s, The Caravan Trail and Little Rhymes are well known to the public and now is a continually expanding range, renowned for its bone china mugs, giftware, and tableware. The Little Rhymes children's giftware brand comprises of several delightful little characters by Queens churchill china. The Caravan Trail, consisting of bright, floral designs in pastel colours, which are British Isle and folk-inspired are one of best-selling items. 



About Time

About Time is a dramatic mix of vintage icons reminiscent of the industrial revolution, combined with a minimal monochrome palette. This successful range of hand drawn sketches is cleverly combined with old school fonts

Country Pursuits

Inspired simply by the British Countryside and its own breathtaking wildlife, the Country Pursuits collection chooses rustic illustrations and a gorgeous colour palette. With a playful twist on natures most interesting creatures, this year brings two new styles to the collection.

The In Crowd

Motivated by animal instincts and their natural propensity to form groups. The In Crowd mug collection takes beautiful illustration full of character and charm and pairs them with a soft pastel colour palette to bring you this new collection focused around collective nouns.

Alex Clark

Designed by famous artwork designer, Alex Clark, Churchill China introduced series collections of Alex Clark featuring unique illustrations inspired by farm animals, pets, seasonal landscapes and others. People widely collect Alex Clark Collections of her lovely artworks. Alex Clark's creative artworks are well found in much product ranges including Giftware items, tableware, Christmas Cards, small paintings, etc. 

At Your Leisure

Have fun of your beloved hobby with these beautiful hand drawn illustrations from Queens Churchill.  Whatever it's enjoying the loveholic things in life or taking part in your favourite sport, the 'At you leisure' collection is quirky and fun. Beautifully packaged, this range makes the perfect gift for loved ones.

The Caravan Trail

Journey on The Caravan Trail

Come along and invite The Caravan Trail to take you on an exciting journey of shock around the Great UK Isles. Capturing the essence of a 1960’s family members holiday, these recollections of travelling and a love of outdoors got helped to inspire a beautiful collection of homewares. With a combination and match of patchwork prints and an explosion of uplifting colours, these products record personal childhood nostalgia. Join us inside our love for all things retro and take a trip down memory lane. Find Even more Churchill China products.

Colour Canvas

Paint on Color Canvas - Mugs

Indulge in rich and opulent tones alongside shimmering gold metallics in Color Canvas. A collection of detailed styles from fabulous floral prints, sweet symbols and geometric do it again patterns combined with a spectral range of on-trend colours. Heavenly blues, radiant reds and stylish monochrome items are delicately done with opulent gold detailing. This year sees tonnes of grey, pink and orange as additions to the ever expanding collection.

Hidden World

Discover Hidden World - Churchill China Mugs

The collection visits interior treasures in some of the most beautiful and culturally abundant locations around the world. Celebrating traditional crafts, luxurious settings and rich historical legacies, Churchill China has launched this collection to tantalise the travel senses with designs to inspire and delight.

Little Rhymes

Churchill China Little Rhymes

Discover the wonderful world of Little Rhymes. A British brand Little Rhymes are brimming with fables and fairy tales, is perfect for all young kids. Allow playful gifts to become a true teacher to bring storytelling to the table. Using timeless artwork and classic themes, Churchill China has introduced the Little Rhymes collection including Porcelain gifts, Melamine dinner sets, Room Decorations and collectable money boxes. These adorable little characters combined with an explosion of colour create beautiful keepsakes that families can cherish forever.

Churchill China Sieni

Simple and quirky brand Sieni uses symbolic repeats to inspire outdoor activities. Their symmetrically sponged symbols are casual and bold, giving image interesting on collection of Scandinavian finish. Each piece has a handcrafted feel that brings a minimalistic yet contemporary feel to any table.

Queens Blue Story

Elegant blue floral decoration, Churchill China brand Queens Blue Story represents Traditional English heritage with deep blue colouring. Queens Blue story fits perfectly to those who find intricate but Charming design. The Blue Story can be an extensive assortment of mugs with a floral and abstract theme. Available in some shapes and styles Blue Story perfectly captures a feeling of vintage chic.

Queens Classic

Beautifully figured with red Strawberry, Churchill China brand Queens Classic are such charming and traditional English heritage. With abundant natural colouring of red strawberry and trees on pure white china, Queens Classic fits perfectly to those who find natural beauty.

Queens Couture

Colourfully figured but rather traditions with floral and lovely animals Churchill China brand Queens Couture sets to beautiful and vibrant decorative patterns on simple shape mugs and reminds old memory in English from new to the old generation, Queens Couture fits the perfect in any location for decoration.

Queens Made with Love

Symbolic Love hearts repeat patterns Queens Made with Love Fascinates eyes instantly and intrigues collecting these lovely dinner sets. Share likes with lovingly partner by sharing these eye-catching crockery with handcrafted feels of touch.

Queens Lemon Grass mug

With exquisite paintings, Lemon Grass from Queens Churchill China brings real memorable things or loving people in their old times. Lemon Grass mugs depict aA beautiful memory of father, grandfather, happy times when young. Rich Colourful but detailed artworks on the fine bone china mugs will impress you instantly

Collier Campbell

Hand Painted by Collier Campbell

Designed by famous artwork designer, Collier Campbell, Churchill China introduced collections of repeat patterns on canvas. Collier Campbell in London has been created beautiful hand paintings with gorgeous and glamorous red-yellow-blue patterns and taken attractions from people of the world. What makes Collier Campbell distinct is the designs remain entirely hand painted in their studio located in West of London. It is thus giving them a grace that computer-aided design prints just can’t only generate. They understand that the delight of joy they look and feel as what they build styles and patterns would only be obtained through in the brush strokes and produced their designs that more distinctive! Now find stunning colour hand painting designs collaborating with Churchill Chin

Jamie Oliver Mediterranean

Jamie Oliver Mediterranean Dinner Sets

Add a sense of fun to your dining table with our collection of Mediterranean dinner sets by Jamie Oliver. Each piece is good enough for everyday use and family gatherings, but also fit enough for any occasions. Choose from a wide range of plates, dishes, bowls, coffee cups, saucers and more which work perfectly with your existing dinner sets

Julie Dodsworth

Julie Dodsworth is the phenomenon in interior products. Discovering a love of narrow boats, Julie and her husband purchased 'Calamity Jane' and began a love affair with the English Waterways. Julie embraced the traditions of canal boat heritage and in particular the festival of colour and traditional patterns that make canal boats unique. Her artworks are colourful with floral decoration mostly roses so it brightens life impassionately


Set up in 1804, The Royal Horticultural Society may be the UK’s top-rated charity for gardening. The purpose was to collect information of all kinds of plants and also to motivate the improvement of horticultural practice. In 1861 Prince Albert exceeded a charter leading to the change of name to the Royal Horticultural Culture. Third, membership flourished and the world committed to its archive today housed in the Lindley Library. The Lindley Library is currently the world’s original horticultural collection, made up of more than 18,000 botanical drawings, 50,000 books, and 1500 periodicals. The Royal Horticultural Society pioneer in horticultural excellence and encourage gardening for all ages. Furthermore to its gardens at Wisely, Rosemoor, Hyde Hall and Harlow Carr the Royal Horticultural Way of life organises the iconic Chelsea flower exhibit, which persons travel from worldwide to show to attend. With continuing to grow interested in gardening, the Royal Horticultural Society remains the world's leading horticultural society. Queen’s possesses been working with the Royal Horticultural Culture for more than a decade, faithfully reproducing a few of the fantastic botanic art kept in the archive. Patterns such as Hookers Fruit and Fruits du Soleil have grown to be timeless classics.

Dorothy Martin 1882-1949

Dorothy B. Martin occasionally used to exhibit her different paintings of RHS prize earning plants. Now reproducing Dorothy B. Martin paintings, brimming with Chrysanthemum garden flowers, these beautiful and timeless artwork collections are now offered by Churchill China with Teapot, Teacup, Cream & Sugar. 

Churchill Blue Willow

Churchill China can trace its origins back to 1795 and the foundation of its first factory in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England. Churchill China is renowned for its collection of traditional print designs that will remain timeless classics. Originally the designs were hand engraved on copper plates 200 years ago, and Churchill reproduced it with Blue Willow about by clay hand makings 80 years ago. With its typical English blue patterns, this old traditional pottery still being loved by people and still there are lovers on the charming collection.

Churchill Chelsea White

Made from Churchil's famous and highly durable Earthenware, Chelsea White is a classic collection that will endure years of tea time and dining. With and elegant and charming finish, the rippled effect and delicate trimmings make this range timeless and suitable for every occasion.


Yule (Yuletide) is old English words with the ancient 12-day festival of Yule (Christmastide) and the later the month of Yule – January. Yuletide patterns, therefore, has become widely known words for representing Christmas festival or Christmas season itself. Churchill China’s Yuletide pattern offers yellowish Nordic Circling twist pattern rather than typical Yuletide red flowers like Yuletide Camellia. Attractive design on plates and bowls are ideal iconic items to mood up before Christmas, Yuletide is perfect for celebrating parties throughout the Yuletide.

James Sadler

Designed by the famous designer James Saddler London who has founded his pottery foundation his works nowadays are found wherever the designs are involved in the pottery industry. Churchill China has introduced his typical patterns collaborating with his foundation with London icons and the others.


inspired by the natural simplicity by watercolour painting, this elegant and charming range brings you a touch of elegance to any occasion with its beautiful patterns. The refreshing appeal of this range is sure to endure all year-round, and perfect fit to any table.


Featuring beautiful tropical creatures in rain forest, the Reignforest collection brings you a vibrant and vivid touch of live animals or floral things in detail.

This mug collection is gorgeous for decoration as well as daily use on your dining table or any party occasion. 


Harlequin is the premier destination for inspirational designs, impressive textures and delightful colours. A recognised manufacturer leader, Harlequin offers an eclectic fusion of traditional mixed with contemporary, flamboyance married with beauty. Churchill and Harlequin, two iconic British brands have became a member of forces to make a breathtaking collection, adapted from top selling patterns in the portfolio.

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Rich pastel colours and recycled patchwork designs helped inspire this eclectic collection of crafted mug designs. With a love of folk culture and the British Isles, let these on-trend icons take you on a journey of surprise. These surprisingly beautiful Larch of North Cost mugs by Churchill China Mugs are ideal gift item.


Rich pastel colours and recycled patchwork designs helped inspire this eclectic collection of crafted mug designs. With a love of folk culture and the British Isles, let these on-trend icons take you on a journey of surprise. This Caravan Trail Larch 4 mugs box set from Churchill China Mugs comes sit inside the perfect gift box.

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