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Tabletop Serving Accessories

Chloris Tableware stocks many stylish and designers' selected serving accessories on a tabletop. Table accessories bring personality and style to your dining table at home. From elegant to contemporary style of tableware accessories, what you can choose will give a pleasure and inspiration to create you own original...

Tabletop Serving Accessories

Chloris Tableware stocks many stylish and designers' selected serving accessories on a tabletop. Table accessories bring personality and style to your dining table at home. From elegant to contemporary style of tableware accessories, what you can choose will give a pleasure and inspiration to create you own original style of dinner table at home or at any casual parties.



Tiered Cake Stand

Serving cakes or desserts on beautiful tiered-cake stand is one of great joys when inviting guests at the wedding reception or birthday party. Sometimes we call it wedding cake stand as the cake stand has 2 to 4 tier plates to place decorated cakes on them, which look great. We have from single-tier to 4-tier cake stands in our ranges with different designs and paintings. Find a gift idea with the selection of high quality tier cake stands available at Chloris Tableware

Oil and Vinegar set

Selection oil and vinegar bottle or container set, we have glass and bone china. Stylish contemporary designs as well as rustic designs are both available. Pair Oil and Vinegar with matching wooden tray stands out on the dining table or outdoor barbecue party. At any location, the set will perfectly get harmony with any serving foods.

Salt and Pepper

We retail lovely salt and pepper sets from Portmeirion, WMF, Villeroy & Boch. Adding charming design salt and pepper looks on dining table in addition to dining dinner sets of same collections is another great delight. Just put salt and pepper and use them as simple and convenient as they look.

Wine Accessories

Wine accessories can holds wine opener, foil cutter, drip preventer, wine pourer, wine chiller, wine stopper and more. We select the best market demanding wine accessories from best known suppliers, Villeroy & Boch and WMF from Germany.

Placemat and Coaster Set

Placemats and Coaster sets are made of various materials such as Vinyl, cork, metal, glass, and textile, in higher class using porcelain or leather. The primary purpose of placemats & Coaster is to protect the table from watermarks, scratches, stains of food and damage from heat. The other purpose is to decorate the table. Feature in various colour and design, sizes with different materials at your convenience and your dinner table would look much nicer. We will be adding more variety of selections of placemats and coasters for your different design demands. 

Serving Stand

Serving stands are fantastic items that can be used for big parties. Serving any kind of food to share to every people on tabletop with serving stands brings impression to people as well as ideal way to free the table space as they have 2 or 3 tiers that holds 2 or 3 dishes on them.

Mustard Pot

The little pot that can contain mustard looks lovely on dining table and it can preserve mustard by the lid with small hole in for keeping matching spoon. It is ideal for the Mustard port to be porcelain rather than plastic or metal one as it contains strong and hot. Mustard is a condiment made from the seeds of a mustard plant; white or yellow mustard, Sinapis alba; brown or Indian mustard, Brassica juncea; or black mustard, B. nigra.

Fruit Bowl Fruit Basket

Make you table top brilliant with Baskets and Fruits bowls. Serving Fruits on high quality and designer’s Selection from WMF and other brands. Discover Baskets and Fruit bowl on Chloris Tableware. We stock wide range of Stainless Steel wire types, Crystal Glass and Bone China bowls for making your choice perfect and happy. Our product ranges are carefully selected only from high standard quality brands and great design to fulfil the delicate people’s demand.


Selection of pretty Fine China jampot amongst all other materials including glass, melamine, stainless, wood is recommendable, it is one simplest way of decoration on dining table. Preservation Jam or others, serving breakfast everyday with stylish jampot. Browse here and find yours.

Serving Tray

Decorative Serving Trays

Beautiful Serving trays enhancing food presentation. Serve and entertain guests with stylish Serving Trays. Variety Designs from Villeroy and Boch, Portmeirion and Queens Churchill

Butter dish with lid

Butter Dish with lid is a specialised container in which butter is served and normally has a base with a separate fitting lid on top with its handle. Butter dishes were firstly made of silver in France in the 19th century, and they nowadays are made of stainless steel, glass, porcelain and even plastic.

An alternative to a standard butter dish with lid is a French butter dish, also known as a butter crock.

Toast Rack

There are various types of Toast Racks in the market. We do Bone china Toast Racks featuring beautiful pattern on it. One of lovely accessories on dining table making stylish and elegant. Find a great Toast rack at affordable price.

Egg Cups

By Set or individually, Egg cup is one of simplest decorative pointing items on dining table. Variety selections we offer are stylish, vintage or cute designs that bring the happy time on dinner table. Product ranges are from premium brands such as Queens Churchill, WMF, Villeroy and Boch and more. All are quality Egg cups.

Large Jug Pitcher

With its functionality and design, jug or Pitcher wheter it is made of galss or porcelain, is a essencial tabletop item at any places at home. Its versability and use are quite useful for serving water, juice, even beer and its design stands out on dining table surely. We stock wide range of shape, material and design jugs and pitchers from many brands.

Table Runner

Make your table look luxury with beautiful table runners at home or at special dinner parties. Table runners are generally used as an addon cloth on dinner table either to protect the table from damage or mostly just to decorate it.

Tea Towel

Tea towel which is called as drying cloth is not only used for cleaning up tea things on tea table also used for drying dishes, cutlery and things. Tea Towel was a linen cloth specially used by mistress to clean and dry her tea sets in 18th century England. We offer them from Churchill China the true British pottery manufacture and they will perfectly suit for drying tea things and dishes will lookd great with vintage patterns,.


It is essential to select good quality Napkins as they are laundered after use every time. In other consideration is you ensure that the patterns and colours are matching with your dining sets and dinner table. So choose the high quality linen that can last long.

Made in England This item is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

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