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Chloris Tableware stocks Bone china, Glassware Crystal, Cutlery, Cookware and giftware from Brands: Portmeirion, Churchill China, Dunoon Mugs, Dartington, Koziol, Villeroy and Boch, WMF, Aynsley, Ronnefeldt Tea, Voluspa Candles, and SIGG Switzerland. 


Mugs by Dunoon mugs

The Perfect Fine Bone China Mugs from England

Dunoon mugs

Celebrating 40 years of British Manufacturing since 1974, Dunoon mugs has become one of world highest quality fine bone china mug suppliers. Starting the business in the pretty seaside of the town of Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland, Dunoon philosophy for making mugs by highly skilled craftsmanship has remained consistent, which has established its reputation in the industry for beautifully designed cups. Today, Dunoon Mugs product range is more than 1,000 different models and upon ca. 15 different shapes and sizes from small, medium, large and oversize. Over 250 designs are introduced each year which the talented design team, as well as the famous freelance artists, create.

Dunoon mugs have been manufactured in Staffordshire England, in the traditional heart of the Pottery sites since the early 1970s, Dunoon mugs are made from premiuim bone china clay, taking advantage of the traditional "slip" manufacturing process. China clay with bone is known well for its shapeness, its hardness and its whiteness, which allows to shape or make almost any style of decoration.

We stock most of Dunoon collection including latest new designs as well as still many discontinued Dunoon Mugs in our Warehouse located in Surrey, UK. 

Churchill China

English Heritage Queens Churchill

Queens Churchill

Churchill China can trace its history back to 1795 in the heart of the world famous Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. Since then, they have developed a long history of providing ceramics to hospitality and retail markets. Churchill China first brands consisting of Queen’s, The Caravan Trail and Little Rhymes are well known to the public and now is a continually expanding range, renowned for its bone china mugs, giftware, and tableware. The Little Rhymes children's giftware brand comprises of several delightful little characters by Queens churchill china. The Caravan Trail, consisting of bright, floral designs in pastel colours, which are British Isle and folk-inspired are one of best-selling items. 


Portmeirion Pottery - True British heritage

portmeirion pottery

Portmeirion Pottery was founded in 1960 when pottery designer Susan Williams-Ellis (daughter of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis) and her husband, Euan Cooper-Willis took over a small pottery decorating company in Stoke-on-Trent called A. E. Gray Ltd. Since then, Portmeirion has become one of the most famous pottery companies, representing British historical heritage pottery industry. On 23 April 2009, Portmeirion Potteries Ltd acquired “Royal Worcester” and “Spode” brands, after they had been placed into administration the previous November. Portmeirion Potteries has since changed its company name to Portmeirion Group to reflect this acquisition. As of now, Portmeirion, Spode, Royal Worcester & Pimpernel are registered trademarks of Portmeirion Group. Portmeirion Group UK Limited.

Villeroy and Boch

Premium Porcelain by German Quality


Villeroy & Boch is a German brand that has been inspiring to customers around the world for over 260 years with tableware. Villeroy & Boch is the name that involves the creation of outstanding tableware to this day. The company is renowned for its creative design, its style, and its high quality of materials and manufacturing nowadays. Villeroy & Boch is now the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramics, from elegant luxury tableware to bathrooms and tiles as well as glassware. With unique tableware designs and diversity of products, they are the excellent choice for the people who look for the best tableware and giftware.


Historical English Tableware

Aynsley has been producing high-quality Fine Bone China for 237 years, establishing a reputation for beautiful product encompassing skilled craftsmanship, elegant shape, and exquisite design. The Aynsley brand was founded by John Aynsley in 1775 in a small pottery in Lane End, later known as Longton, in Staffordshire, UK.

ECP Design

British Designs for special gifts

ECP DESIGN LIMITED is a homewares and giftware company in Gloucestershire, England. In 1977, the company established on a rural farming estate in the Badminton area of the Cotswolds, but they soon outgrew their farm buildings and moved to a large factory in South Gloucestershire in the mid-Eighties. Since then they have been developing a vast range of over 1500 products including ceramics, homeware, and gifts for the design-led gift market. Product ranges include their unique designs and those from other renowned UK designers such as Martin Wiscombe, Jan Constantine, Brixton Pottery and Caroline Zoob along with licensed products from Marmite, Matt Cartoons, and Hope & Greenwood which gives our products range everything from Country Style to Contemporary Chic.

SIGG Water bottle Switzerland

SIGG water bottle from Switzerland

sigg water bottles

Out of many premium bottle brands, second to none is most likely SIGG water bottle not only because of its high quality but surely because of attractive design as well as an unbeatable high standard of safety. Over 100 years research and manufacturing on aluminium vessels only in Switzerland, their strict quality control has made SIGG one of the most famous water bottles including sports drink bottles, thermos flask, and travel mugs. With its vibrant colours and eye-catching shapes, these stylish and fashionable bottles have already taken its position at high enough against any other competitors. They are still producing the bottles in Switzerland only to persist its quality to keep more than high standard.  

Contigo Travel Mugs


The Contigo® our live Difference


Contigo concentrates on clients to help inform themselves in what its next innovation ought to be. Predicated on customer's profound insights and their very own personal experiences, Contigo constantly thinks of a great new technology to aid the change, and they test it again and again and to ensure it's of superior quality. Contigo® created a simple, but innovative functionally and user-friendly drink bottles to help lifestyle’s daily problems ecologically. The merchandise is stylish, yet sturdy; smooth yet robust - the perfect combination of sophistication and performance. Contigo® products offer you the confidence you should face your day and pride in understanding that you bought the very best of the best.


  • BPA Free in accordance with applicable law
  • Superior Quality
  • User-friendly
  • Environmentally protected
  • Innovative
Koziol Collection

Koziol Made in Germany

Koziol Collection

100% Made in Germany

Koziol insists on making their products 100% from the factory in Erbach Germany like no others

100% Environmentally Aware

Koziol cares the environment and thus only uses thermoplastics that are 100% recyclable with non-toxic pigments and any waste created during manufacturing is always recycled

100% Better Design, Bigger Smile

Koziol’s award-winning design products from daily use to decoration items bring fun and useful into the home at a very affordable price, so enjoy the word of fabulous designs and make your home with a Koziol world

Dartington Crystal

The real English Crystal Brand

dartington crystal

The English Crystal Company - Hand Made Since 1967 Based in Torrington in North Devon, England, Dartington Crystal manufactures crystal glassware using traditional Swedish glass blowing techniques. Dartington will continue to handcraft many of their ranges in their North Devon factory, and Dartington Crystal is now one of only a few crystal brands still producing in the UK.

Voluspa Candles

100% nature Premium Voluspa candles

Choose one of Top 10 best smelling scented candles around the world from Voluspa. Finding their niche by creating striking packaging and extraordinary scents, Voluspa fragrance products including Scented Candles, Diffuser, Room & Body Spray and Mist are found in prestigious stockiest around the world and have become a staple in homes. Unlike most of the mass-market products containing synthetic fragrances and sometimes dyes, Voluspa product is made from 100% natural coconut wax and 100% cotton wicks. This scented candle makes a fabulous luxury gift idea for any occasions, and you can re-use the luxury wax containers after the candles have burned to an end. The Brand Voluspa candles has now become a home and bathroom name for home fragrance Couture by regularly featured and written on editorial articles in social medias and grand fashion and home decoration magazines representing beauty and luxury of home. 


German Quality Cookware


Since 1853, WMF has been developing products for cooking, eating and drinking for home and restaurants and introducing innovations around the world. Today, WMF is always close to you. You can find the brand in their divisions in upscale specialty retailers, in department stores and select furniture shops. WMF is in prime locations in German cities as well as in Switzerland, Austria, and France with over 190 of their subsidiaries. WMF has represented in the leading European countries, the USA, as well as Japan and China with their sales subsidiaries. You can find WMF products in a total of 90 countries over the world at present.

Ronnefeldt Tea

Ronnefeldt Tea - The name of Couture

Better said than done. But You will find the answer about tea beverages what you are dreaming.  Think about reading a fantasy while drinking tea flavouring something fantastic, something you have never experienced before.  Tea of couture selected finest teas from around the world will give you the real fantasy. Looking for the top quality of drinks? Here is the answer, that is Ronnefeldt Tea. All of Ronnefeldt tea products are produced using the conventional Orthodox methodology which means the handpicks only on best quality tea-leaf out of the hay, not by machine can only give you the different flavours and thus you will realise the fantastic imagination.  To make the best premium tea Ronnefeldt is taking selection on a broad range of tea kinds from any country of the world including China, India, Japan, Thailand, Germany, France, and elsewhere the best quality tea material is available. The name of Quality "Ronnefeldt" will guarantee you the unique, and top quality of the tea products in this world so do not hesitate to try Ronnefeldt Tea for finding a new world with amazing aromatic flavours and tastes.

Studio William

Cutlery Designed by British

studio william

Studio William is a modern, contemporary stylish British Cutlery company established in 2005 and was awarded winning industrial design. Studio William is driving creativeness, uniqueness, and perfection on weighted cutlery to have the grip feel balanced in hands. Studio William's cutlery is providing to catering like Many Micheline-starred Restaurants and prestigious hotels. Studio William is acknowledged by people there as having elegant designs and forms of premium quality.

East of India

Giftware by East of India Gifts

east of india

East of India gifts

was made back 1991 by a couple who exactly travelled through India and collected wooden ornaments palm carved by a local man. When they returned to the uk the items were so very well received that they made a decision to import a variety of products to the united kingdom. East of India is currently still crafted in Folkestone, Kent and produced in India. At Internet gift store we've a large selection of East of India gifts

items including trinket boxes, decorative indications, cards and albums. All goods in the East of India selection still echo the same hand crafted Indian-style that founded the business.

Made in England This item is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.


Made in England This item is made in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

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