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"Pitcher" word is used for wide-mouthed vessels with a narrow mouth and handle for liquids and used for thin plastic shop packaging for milk in American English usage.

"Jug" is a container same like Pitcher but not used for retail packaging and the general word utilized in all other English speaking countries.

Jug types vary in different purpose in different countries

* Beer Jug: In certain countries, a "jug" refers to a jug containing 2 pints of beer. It is usually served along with one or more small glasses. In Britain there is a choice between a pint tankard and a strut glass of beer, a tankard may be called a tankard or a "jug". A jug of beer may also refer to a jug containing larger amounts (usually sized in Pint), but if a large jug is sold it will be advertised as such in the pub and this helps to reduce confusion.

* Whisky Jug: Used also for containing and serving whisky same like whisky decanter

* Water/Juice Jug

* Toby Jug

* Puzzle Jug

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