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Premium Porcelain by German Quality


Villeroy & Boch is a German brand that has been inspiring to customers around the world for over 260 years with tableware. Villeroy & Boch is the name that involves the creation of outstanding tableware to this day. The company is renowned for its creative design, its style, and its high quality of ma...

Premium Porcelain by German Quality


Villeroy & Boch is a German brand that has been inspiring to customers around the world for over 260 years with tableware. Villeroy & Boch is the name that involves the creation of outstanding tableware to this day. The company is renowned for its creative design, its style, and its high quality of materials and manufacturing nowadays. Villeroy & Boch is now the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramics, from elegant luxury tableware to bathrooms and tiles as well as glassware. With unique tableware designs and diversity of products, they are the excellent choice for the people who look for the best tableware and giftware.



Althea Nova

Inspiring by nature's beauty of an herb garden, the charming botanical presentation of the Althea Nova dinnerware crockery creates a truly unique décor themes of unspoiled nature as well as traditional scenery. This rich and delicate décor on pure fine bone china refreshes the dining table at any occasions thru the year by this timeless unchanged design ever.


Amazonia "The stunning brilliance."

With truly stunning artworks designed by Villeroy and Boch, one of top premium porcelain pottery, Amazonia offers the striking impression by purely vivid colours depicted by herbaceous plants, hummingbird and butterfly thru foreign accents on such unique square shapes and perfect Premium Bone Porcelain. Every small detail has no imperfection while the painting artworks remain the graceful.

Anmut Flowers

Premium Pottery Anmut Flowers

Divert yourself with rich and such pleasant warm floral artworks painted on vivid background of premium bone porcelain, the Anmut flowers dinner set is a new release the year and such romantic decorative paintings by refresh water colour can enlighten the dining table, rewind your day of stress and refresh your mind for sure.

Artesano Original

The excellence at fine china dinnerware at uncompromising quality. The Artesano Original collection offers simplicity and diversities with the all around designs and shapes for fulfilling the demand of any dining or parties. This means the product range that proves to be an ideal companion for daily use as well as the right for any occasions.

Artesano Provençal Verdure

Villeroy and Boch Artesano Provençal Verdure

The excellence at fine china dinnerware at the uncompromising quality. The Artesano Provençal Verdure collection offers simplicity and diversities with the various shapes and forms for fulfilling the demand of any dining or parties. This means the product range that proves to be an ideal companion for daily use as well as the right for any occasions. Artesano Provençal Verdure is an additional selection on Artesano Original so matching these two selections is a great idea.

Boston Tumbler Glass

Crystal Boston Tumbler glass and goblets

Boston tumbler glass with traditional diamond decor cuts in every corner and deliberately short stems to make the glass luxury are a charming attraction. Lead-Free Crystal Boston brand brings everyday dining time luxury into your life, rewind the day stress reaching home and good durability even for using every day.

Caffe Club

Featuring contemporary shapes and stylish patterns, Villeroy and Boch introduced Caffe Club which brings modern design as well as a practical exercises for daily coffee time. Caffe club represents the simplicity via an ergonomic human touch design for daily use and stylish outlook of shapes that are quite different from normality.


Candelabra Candlesticks

Lead Crystal Candelabra candlesticks offered by Villeroy & Boch are a lovely addition to either dinner table top or at a corner of a living room at dinnertime or at any celebration parties. These luxurious center pieces are ideal for creating an enchanting ambiance at formal dinner parties or to create a romantic setting for date night.

Charm & Breakfast French Garden

Additional Collection from French Garden by Villeroy & Boch, the Charm & Breakfast French Garden enriches the French Garden Collection to the points of breakfast only; Breakfast cup, sandwich plate, egg cups and breakfast plate with charming yellow colours and simple fruits printings on them. Prepare for your own breakfast table with this lovely Charm & Breakfast table tops

Colour Concept

For enhancing your table setting, consider adding “Colour Concept” collection to your dinner table or any anniversary parties. There are many colours: from clear, midnight blue, pink, turquoise, burgundy to petrol than help you to manipulate the best compliment on the table. The glasses are as such durable as they can use everyday

Clever Cooking

Cooking Dishes Clever Cooking

Villeroy & Boch offers Clever Cooking collections as kitchen helper including oven dishes in a choice of 28 different sizes and shapes and Silicone lids with several colors and sizes. They are all so versatile that can be directly put into an oven, to the dining table as serving dishes directly or to the fridge for storing. Heat resistance premium Porcelain will do a great job at kitchen, dining table, storing, serving foods and more. Silicone lids do a greater job by its heat resistant up to 260 degrees and suitable for freezing at up to -30 degrees.

Cutlery Boxed Sets

With our best selections of Cutlery Box set on several brands of Villeroy & Boch, not only you enjoy the best quality also the best prices online. Sets come in a luxury hard board gift box set and the cutlery is 18/10 high quality stainless steel and are dishwasher safe


Villeroy and Boch Entrée Glassware

Villeroy & Boch Entrée crystal glass collection is designed for simple and everyday use. As Entrée implies, good prices, however, fulfilling to high-quality crystal manufacturing standard as expected from the name of Villeroy & Boch. The glasses are purposely designed for as pretty simple as they for casual dining not too much away from celebration parties as well.


Villeroy and Boch Facett Candlesticks

With the diamond cut look Candlesticks Candle Holders of Villeroy and Boch Facett the dining table look so elegant that the dining time would be more relaxed and brightened. The candlesticks made with fine Crystal thus are heavier enough to stand on the table stably. They look simple but such glamorous by the detail diamond shape cuts.

Farmhouse Touch

Villeroy and Boch Farmhouse Touch

Designed for true elegance, the Farmhouse Touch glassware, tumbler, wine glasses, Champagne glasses appeal to you with the handcrafted masterpiece with a solid value that perfectly enriches your dinner table adding on Farmhouse Blueflowers Dinner sets. High-Quality handmade Lead Crystal made for East Europe is robust enough to use every day.

Farmhouse Touch Blueflowers

Villeroy and Boch Farmhouse Touch BlueFlowers

With simple spot decoration of this charming blue patterns or simplified flowers on premium porcelain, Farmhouse Touch Blueflowers collection by Villeroy & Boch has presented the rustic beauty and elegant décor on your dining table. These classical dinner sets are durable enough to use every day by offering quite sophisticated sizes and shapes to give versatility on the table top.

French Garden

Villeroy and Boch French Garden

Inspired by French cities, French Garden collections are one of the best-selling dinnerware for a long year to now. Inside the collections is all product ranges interchangeable with different family patterned collections like Vienna, Valence, Fleurence, Orange, and Macon. They look little different but co-related with each other so that all these patterns can be mixed and matched.

Gray Pearl

Villeroy and Boch Gray Pearl

As luminescent and discreetly elegant as a rare pearl, Gray Pearl Dinnerware collection by Villeroy & Boch casts the simmering gray and thus they highlight the grace the most on high-quality Premium bone porcelain. Gray Peal specially has used firstly an overgraze technique to make the pottery more brilliantly glazing.


Villeroy and Boch Ivoire

Providing the utmost elegance. Ivoire by Villeroy & Boch dinnerware maintains the classical patterns while presents exquisite brocade ornamentation of white Pearl form. Apart from the elegance basic, delicate shades of creamy ivory, a bold golden trim, and flowing tendril reliefs and ornamentation makes this Ivoire collection the extreme perfection to dinning table. It is selected for wedding lists by this reason.

La Classica Contura

Exceptional impressions of classical architecture. Stylish, subtle and contemporary: La Classica Contura, the attractive variant of the new classic collection has a distinct design with clear lines and elegant ornamentation. Subtly glittering platinum accents improve the luxurious aura of the classic Prime Bone Porcelain dinner program. For celebrations and specialised moments. Surprising settings - elegant and modern. La Classica Contura - a distinctive design with timeless beauty. The exciting mixture of the satin white of the porcelain and the graphic ornamentation is refined with platinum highlights. Encouraged by the domes and rotundas of great European cathedrals, the symmetric patterns integrate harmoniously into a particular group of frames. The decor variations have colour distinctions ranging from silver grey to sand with a thin Platinium band around the edge. A powerful combo of form and decoration. Inspired simply by the classical ideals, this kind of collection includes a form that is both aesthetically sophisticated and functional. The classic, clear lines open imaginative room for decor variants. The graphic patterns and elegant contours of the characteristic ornaments emphasise the harmonic proportion of the varieties. La Classica Contura likewise provides the perfect structure in a pure bright white decor variation.

La Divina

La Divina Wine Glasses

La divina glasses are high-stemmed by mouth-blown lead crystal made in Slovakia. The design on the bowl is rather contemporary whilst the stem is delicately rather classical. La divina is just a combination of modern and classic so that they are well matched with any tableware at any occasion. Simply add the collection to you tabletop without hesitation

Little Lights

Little Lights Candlesticks

Villeroy & Boch’s Little Lights candlestick collection presents a brilliant array of candlestick settings on a dinning table or any place for room deco. Quite rustic and simple tube shapes for holding a single candle, these arrays of candlesticks from the elegantly curved one to the sharply edged one to create a warm and elegant ambience at any occasions.

Villeroy Boch Mariefleur

Discovering old garden style in country and with watercolour floral patterns that match a romantic scene with joyful contemporary feeling. Villeroy and Boch Mariefleur new collection with vivid shades of purple and pink, light green and sunny yellow brings to mind a garden in full bloom at the height of summer. All are painting artworks on white canvas. The premium porcelain gives not only finely decorated details but also offers safe for use in dishwasher and microwave.

Villeroy and Boch Maxima

Maxima Wine Glasses

Maxima Wine glassware collection by Villeroy & Boch brings rustic classic and clean-line designs generally acceptable to most of the wine drinkers to give maximum enjoy of a sip of wines. Its collection ranges from Burgundy/Bordeaux wine goblet, white wine goblet, champagne flute and martini tumbler and is made of Crystal glass. durable enough to resist scratch for daily use

Villeroy Boch NewWave

Villeroy and Boch NewWave

NewWave collection by Villeroy & Boch is purely selective design and distinctive unlike the other typical pattern of designs. The wave lines whether in use of white china for everyday use or for parties, the individual piece can be added or combined to existing dinnerware settings. To create imaginative arrangements or enhance the mood in the party, use the NewWave selection with matching glasses and cutlery to finish the perfect dinner settings.

NewWave Glass

NewWave Glasses

With the stylish wave shape design collection, Villeroy and Boch NewWave glasses bring the contemporary look into the dining table. NewWave glasses are designed to enhance any house parties or outdoor barbeques accompanying with NeWave Porcelain dinnerware and thus these two collections are perfectly harmonised at the table.

Old Luxembourg

Old Luxembourg

Old Luxembourg stands for timeless aesthetics. This timeless Old Luxembourg collection as long historical tradition by Villeroy & Boch is designed to integrate dinnerware with table decor. The blue filigree ornaments motifs on white premium porcelain by garden plants enrich the elegance of the tableware perfectly

Petite Fleur

For a perfect start to the day

Petite Fleur

With bright, colourful, romantic and joyful naturally born: Petite Fleur is attractively patterned pottery on high-quality premium porcelain. It's pretty colourful natural flowers; daisy, forget-me-not and rose hips decorated on floral shapes of plates, teacups and bowls represents the natural beauty so it is perfect dining start to the day with Petite Fleur


Purismo Wine Glasses

Purismo glassware collection: crystal glasses and decanters are designed via the partnership with leading European sommelier institute. The bowls are delicately designed for keeping aroma and enjoy the sip of red wines, white wines, and champagnes. The high-quality pure crystal glasses with those elegant shapes stand for timeless and unique identity.

Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky Glasses

By the perfect shape and designs, Scotch Whisky Glassware by Villeroy & Boch can enhance the flavour of you favourite spirits to the end of a final sip. Scotch Whisky carafes are also a perfect for serving whisky to the end of final drip by keeping the desired temperature of spirits to keep the flavour and delicate taste on your tongue.


Allegorie Premium Glasses

With a simple but elegant line of shape Villeroy and Boch rather classic style Allegorie Premium Glass collection is as noticeable as it stands, unlike the others. Allegorie decanter, therefore, is an ideal for daily use as well as for a gift. Strongly recommendable for a gift for a lady due to its elegance and luxury.

Farm Animals

Fram Animals Villeroy & Boch

Inspire your children with these lovely Farm animals like pigs, Cows, and kitchens on bright color patterns. Your adorable children will be more sensitive to animals and become a bunny hugger ever. The design of Farm Animals from Villeroy & Boch features children loving colors and simple patterns which will give your children a rich source of inspiration for an artist.  

Funny Zoo

Funny Zoo Villeroy & Boch

Inspire your children with these lovely Funny Zoo animals like a monkey, a lion and a penguin on bright colour patterns. Your adorable children will be more sensitive to animals and become a bunny hugger ever. The design of Funny Zoo from Villeroy & Boch features children loving colours and simple patterns which will give your children a rich source of inspiration for an artist.

Kiddy Bears

Kiddy Bears - Villeroy & Boch

Kiddy Bears have been long featuring characters for kids. The design of Kiddy Bears from Villeroy & Boch features children loving colours and Pretty patterns which will give your children a rich source of inspiration. As most of the Kids love Kiddy bears, there is very few chance to see that children would dislike the gifts of Kiddy Bears. 

Rose Cottage

With afternoon has enjoyed a resurgence, the ´new nostalgia´ trend is wholeheartedly embraced in the Rose Cottage collection, celebrating this quintessential pastime with feminine floral elegance. The most well-known pieces - breakfast plates, taken care of mugs, teacups, and saucers - are now obtainable in pink, green, blue and grey. Rose Cottage, a new gift collection from Villeroy & Boch, fully lives up to its name with a charming décor of roses adorning the decided on porcelain articles. Designed in pastel tones like rosé, sky-blue and lime-green, Rose Cottage can be perfect for the relaxed fun of everything to do with tea. Whether employed for breakfast during intercourse for instance as a Mum`s Day shock or a good glass of tea and tasty snack appreciated with a pal after a purchasing spree, Rose Cottage radiates carefree, feel-great flair. This lemon squeezer varieties part of 1 of Villeroy & Boch`s new gift collections known as Rose Cottage. Rose Cottage combines nostalgic presents with a modern interpretation. It offers modern authentic ideas in a region design and incorporates references from character and traditional habits. Beside this lemon squeezer, there happen to be plates, cups and saucers, a teapot, a milk jug and glucose bowl, a cake platter, a cake slice, egg cups with coordinating egg spoons, little bowls and a field with a lid. The managed mug may be the perfect decision for quenching a great thirst for tea. The two-tiered tray stand permits unusual presentations of cupcakes, macaroons or chocolates, as the delights conjure up a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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This Villeroy and Boch Maxima red wine glasses specially designed for Bordeaux wine which is any kind of wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France, centred on the city of Bordeaux and covering the whole area of the Gironde department, with a total vineyard area of over 120,000 hectares.

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Wedding Champagne flutes for any ceramonial party are essencially required and thus it requires to impress the invitees with elegance and beauty of shape and design.

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Perfectly shaped for Single malt Scotch Whisky, the tumbler

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