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This mug is made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history, on 9thSeptember 2015. The mug is delicately embellished with gold leaf in an ornate pattern with an inscription and a profile of Her Majesty inside the rim. After Just 25, she acceded to the throne, Queen Elizabeth lived through the World War II, taking part as a driver in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. In 1947, she married Philip Mountbatten, in a wedding dress made from material bought with ration coupons. Her coronation in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953 was broadcasted in a TV event across the UK, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world at the same time. She has so presided over this country through strikes, civil unrest, swings in leadership, and changes in society. The world in which we now live would have seemed unbelievable compared to the world of the 1940s. Find more Dunoon mugs

MaterialFine Bone China
SizeHeight X 82mm Entrance Diameter
Ref22K Gold Embellishment
Origin of ProductUK

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