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Retro design Builders Tea mug designed by Martin Wiscombe. Mug capability is 250ml so that it is the perfect size to take pleasure from your hot coffee or tea or any other hot drink. A robust design made of stoneware which is super durable than any other materials, so it is perfect for a builder and of course is Dishwasher & microwave safe.


The British Isles extent is maybe a standout amongst the most point by point pieces in Jan's steady. The outline duplicated the hand-weaved, duck egg blue guide of the British Isles that portrays the distinctive insignias for every nation. This 27cm plate is perfect as a supper or serving plate and is made of amazing bone china that is both dishwasher and...


The lovely Love hearts small teapot by Brixton Pottery range is designed by Alex Dufort and is produced using traditional spongeware techniques and therefore each product is individual and slight variations are part of the charm of this pottery. This charming teapot is made of stoneware but it is quite light weight compare with general stoneware pottery.


the funny looking Flock of Hens chicken shaped, this egg cup is a perfect gift little item in addition to any table settings, kids will definitely love it. This gorgeous little egg cup is fantastic accessories if filled with Chocolate egg in the Easter holiday.


The new England iconic water Jug Large designed by Jan Constantine featuring the scripted lettering 'Love' and Heart symbol in Union red Jack base - designed to look like Jan's embroidered appliqués, trimmed with a blanket-stitch effect. Fantastic inspiration gift item to give impression to those who visit England.


From Love Birds collection offering a set of four cute dip bowls including two dishes with a lip for pouring and two without a lip, and all four bowls come in in a lovely gift box. They are Dishwasher & microwave safe. 

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