All you need is SIGG Water bottle from Switzerland

SIGG Water Bottle – Historical branding outperformance

Sigg Bottle has born in Switzerland 100 years ago and now SIGG has become today the world class vessels designer as well as manufacture with stylish and top quality.  Being reusable aluminium containers are not just drinking bottles but also there are more than the drinking purpose.


1908 – Company Foundation: Metal Processing specialist Ferdinand SIGG returned to Switzerland following years of teaching and travelling. Together with his colleague Xaver Kung, he established an aluminium good to the factory in Biel. The two combined their love of metal and the conviction that “Aluminium is the material of the future!”

1958 – Product Line Expansion: by 1958, the SIGG Product family included several thousand household goods, sports and recreational items.

1980 – First Single Colour bottle: 1980 saw the first SIGG single-colour coated drinking bottles. A decade later came to the sports bottle – hot on its heels. In 1992 multi-coloured models with drinking caps emerged.

1993 – Museum of Modern Art New York: The SIGG bottle design was accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1993.

SIGG product line-ups are classified by major three categories: Fresh, Design, and Colours. So you can choose the best option to your need on different ages, gender, professions.

Designed by their prominent designers, some extraordinarily designed bottles has often earned a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. By light, weight and practicality qualify products being QA controlled in which are produced  in the automated manufacturing lines in Switzerland, SiGG bottles stand their positions as vital tools for mountaineers and sports athletes who are in need constant water supply as well as light weight. Furthermore, Sigg water bottle is an ideal for students who always should pack in the backpack which is quite heavy over so its light weight is vital to students. Unique swing tops with various colours make SIGG Bottles convenience carry and make look outstanding.

 Revolution of SIGG Water Bottles.

Sigg bottle Switzerland

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