Home Coffee Roasting with Home Coffee Roaster

Introduction How easy it is to roast coffee bean if with “Gene Cafe” Coffee Roaster

Coffee Bean Roasting at home is not very common in Europe because it demands lots of investment on roasting tools and equipment plus time in general. However, there are easy and cheaper solutions out of many methods as long as you have this brilliant home roasting machine as good as professional devices out there. As shown in the photograph, it is quite small a handy size so you can carry on roasting quickly at any place you want to put such as at kitchen, garage, even in the living room as far as you have windows for smoke ventilation. The machine offers you everything you need to get excellent quality of roasting results even though its result is almost as perfect as other professional tools. I have used this machine for many years and found that the roasting result is quite appraisable and been enjoying my perfect bean coffee up to now.


This machine’s product origin is Korea, and I brought it to the UK for my coffee roasting.  The Retail price is around £300 to £400. There is no other tools or equipment is needed for home roasting. Why not trying to make your coffee with your fragrance and taste as you adjust the roasting point by the timer or manually with ease.

For you information, you can refer to the youtube link “Gene Cafe” coffee roaster

Above photo shows the real result by this machine where it shows they are all evenly roasted. It is not as 100% perfect as an outcome of other professional ones but is much greater quality than hand fried methods which are a hassle and messy. If you are interested in roasting home and in this machine, please post with your name and email. Will advise how to get and how to use it.

Iced TEA recipes to Preserve You Cool Summer

Cool Iced Tea recipes to preserve you cool through the summer

When heat is rising, one glass of refreshing iced tea could be the perfect method to cool off. But, before you heading to the refreshing beverages aisle of your neighbourhood supermarket, check out our iced tea recipes. They create the drink that is healthier, tastier and even more natural than bottled iced tea – and, one that’s a lot more rewarding to take pleasure.
Our iced tea quality recipes are simple to follow. Each offers as its primary ingredient among our orthodox-created infusions or teas. The quality part implies that their flavour is hard to beat, and their quality is second to none.
If you’re heading on a picnic, having a BBQ, or calming in the backyard just, these iced tea quality recipes provide the ideal accompaniment. You can adjust them to your preferences, and add fruit or mint to flavour give them even more. Perhaps you may make use of carbonated drinking water to provide your iced tea sort of increased vigour.
With regards to producing your iced tea, there are many strategies to which you could adhere. You may make the tea at nominal strength, chill it to the required temperature then. As another option, you can infuse the tea at two-fold the strength, pour it on ice cubes to dilute it twice.
You can prepare the iced tea beforehand even, to ensure that it’s prepared to drink once you need it. Make the tea at double strength only, place the liquid into an ice-cube bag, and freeze it. Then, if you are ready to benefit from the tea, just pop the ‘tea-cubes’ out from the handbag and dilute them with water to taste. After the tea focus has melted, you shall be remaining with a delicious cup of ice-frosty tea.
If you’re sense adventurous, you can produce your personal iced tea dishes from our collection of green tea dark tea, oolong tea, fruit infusions and herbal infusions. Or if you love to check out a tried-and-examined iced tea recipe, this is a selection of a few of our favourites:


Iced Lemon Sky


4 of Lemon Sky tea bags
350 ml Hot water
100 ml  orange juice
One teaspoon powdered ginger
Mint leaves
Ten pieces Ice cubes

1. Half-fill up a tall glass with the mint leaves
2. Put in a pinch of powdered ginger, and the new orange juice
3. Fill up the cup with ice
4. Brew the Lemon Sky tea hand bags in the boiling drinking water for 2-3 minutes
5. Pour over the juice mix

Earl Grey Punch


One lemon Juice
300 ml orange juice
140 ml apple juice
Three heaped teaspoons Darjeeling Earl Grey tea
200 ml light ginger ale
1 1/2 teaspoon caster sugar
Two springs of mint
Ten pieces ice cubes
Dark RUM

1. Place Earl Grey loosed leaf tea right into a teapot
2. Add boiling water, and keep the tea to brew for 2- 3 minutes
3. As the tea is usually brewing, pour the fruit drinks, ginger sugar and ale into a jug. Add the infused tea, and stir to dissolve the sugar
4. Add the mint, permit the punch to amazing, chill it in the fridge after that
5. Take away the mint, and add the rum (optional)
6. Add ice cubes to the jug, and serve

Ronnefeldt tea Morning Dew (Morgenthau) with Mango

Four heaped teaspoons of Ronnefeldt Morning hours Dew (Morgenthau)
400 ml drinking water – boiled, and cooled to 80-90°C
1-2 cl mango syrup
Mango slices (to decorate)

· 1. Place the tea on a tea infuser into a small sized teapot and pour water in full.
· 2. Leave the tea brew for 2 – three minutes
· 3. Add the mango syrup, and mix thoroughly
· 4. Decorate with a slice of mango

Rooibos Orange Cream


Four teaspoons Cream Orange loosed leaf tea
400 ml Hot water
Acacia honey
1-2 pieces of vanilla ice cream cubes

1. Put the tea into a little teapot, and fill up with the boiling water
2. Keep the tea to brew for two to three minutes
3. Add the acacia honey, to taste
4. Fill a pitcher with ice cubes, and pour the tea on ices to chill down
5. Place the ice cream right into a glass, and fill it up with the chilled tea

To create your taste buds tingle more even, top your the miracles of water with cream, orange zest and grated white chocolate.


Methi Mutton masala – Pressure cooker recipes

Indian cuisine, delicious but simple to cook served with Rice and Salad.

 – Methi Mutton Masala –

Preparation (Ingredients)

Maida 1 and a half cup
Sugar according to taste
Choco powder one spoon
Baking soda one spoon
Baking powder one spoon
Vanilla ice cream three spoons
Full cream milk one glass or enough to make the batter smooth
Raisins 10-15
Butter 1 spoon
Almonds for garnishingMutton – half kg
Onion – 4 big nos
Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp
Tomato – 3 big nos
Curd – 2 tbsp
Fenugreek leaves- one big bunch
Red chilli powder – 1 and a half tablespoon
Turmeric powder- 1 and a half tablespoon
Coriander powder – 1 tablespoon
Garam masala powder (a mixture of ground spices, such as cumin, coriander, and cardamom)- 1 table spoon
Everest meat masala – 1 tablespoon
Bay leaves – 3nos
Salt as per taste
Sugar half teaspoon


1. Marinated Mutton with curd, salt, half turmeric powder, half chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, a little oil and kept it for 3 hrs.
2. Heat oil in cooker itself, add Bay leaves, onion paste, ginger garlic paste and saute for ten mins till the oil separates.
3. Then add chopped tomatoes.
4. When tomatoes become soft, add dry masala one by one.
5. Add little sugar also.
6. When the Masala is cooked, add the marinated Mutton and keep on cooking on slow flame.
7. When oil starts separating, add the cleaned and chopped Methi leaves and cook for five mins more.
8. Then add warm water to the Mutton and closed the lid of the pressure cooker. Let it cook for 15 mins.
9. Then check the Mutton. If it becomes soft and tender, then your Mutton is cooked properly.
10. Then test the salt and let the gravy dry a little bit.
11. Now serve your Methi Mutton with Roti, Nan, kulcha or rice.

Now it’s time to serve.


Oreo and Raisins Muffins – Pressure cooker recipes

How happy you are!
When you make your kids delight with this Oreo and Raisins Muffins!

Preparation (Ingredients)

Maida 1 and a half cup
Sugar according to taste
Choco powder one spoon
Baking soda one spoon
Baking powder one spoon
Vanilla ice cream three spoons
Full cream milk one glass or enough to make the batter smooth
Raisins 10-15
Butter 1 spoon
Almonds for garnishing
Cashew nut for garnishing
Honey for garnishing
Oreo biscuits for garnishing and stuffing
Egg 1 or 1 smashed banana


How to prepare the batter:
Mix Maida, sugar, choco powder, baking soda, baking powder, raisins and keep it aside
In another bowl mix egg (banana), milk, vanilla ice cream and butter
Mix the ingredients of both the containers to make a smooth batter.

How to make cakes out of batter:
Grease the stencil well with butter and pour two spoons of batter in it, place an Oreo biscuit and pour more batter, half fill the stencil.
Put the pressure cooker on the flame, and after 5 minutes carefully position the stencil inside the cooker, cover the pressure cooker, after around 4 minutes put the fire on mid. Keep checking, and once you feel the cake is ready, you can check it with a toothpick. If the toothpick goes into the cake and comes out clean, then the cake is ready, switch off the flame. Allow it to cool down, take the stencil out and invert it to get the cake.

How to garnish:
Cut Oreo biscuits, raisins, almonds, and cashew nuts in small pieces. Pour half a spoon honey on it, put all the material you have cut on it.

Now serve your kids

Using Pressure cookers and pressure cooker recipes will continue in this blog.