What is Yoga

What is Yoga? – academic study and school

What is Yoga? In today’s society, Yoga is known as a decent exercise, stretching, or one type of alternative medicines. Originally, Yoga was designed to eliminate a so-called “Turbulence of Mind” and it connotes “balance”, “harmony” and “unity”. Ancient Yogi (trainees) practised three primary disciplines including Asana, Pranayama and Medication. Asana is “postures” and Pranayama is “breathing”. They strictly controlled over themselves at minimum rules based on “Yama (Do-Not-Do)” and “Niyama (Must-Do)”. It is overall Yoga system as well as traditional Yoga according to the 8 Angas of Yoga that Patanjali who was is called a “Yoga Saint” created.

8 Angas of traditional Yoga

  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing)
  • Pratyahara (control of sense)
  • Dharana (concentration)
  • Dhyana (meditation)
  • Samadhi (transcendence)
  • Yama (abstinence)
  • Niyama (offer)


3 Primary Disciplines

The reason why Yoga draws public attention is explained on its scientific attribute. Out of 8 Angas of Yoga, these three primary disciplines are the most commonly performed by the current trainees as practical ways of Yoga training.

1) Asana (postures)

It helps to increase the immune system and self-regenerating of the cell by stimulating functions of individual muscles or body parts, nerve, and hormone. This way, it works with chronic symptoms including chronic fatigue, gastroenteric trouble, backache, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It also works with typical female symptoms like obesity, insomnia.

2) Pranayama (Breathing)

It helps to stabilise peace of mind through cleaning the nerve system, which enables improve the controllability of autonomic nerve. Hence, it gives a great help for the nervous disorder.

3) Meditation

It contributes improving mental strength such as the faculty of memory, concentration, creativeness and judgment. It can finally lead you a productive life and get a peaceful mind, which is people’s basic orientation.


Yoga School

There is a wide variety in Yoga School originated since ancient time, but the traditional Yoga classifies into five schools in general; Hatha-yoga, raja-yoga, jnana-yoga, karma-yoga, and bhakti-yoga. However, there are other schools such as tantra-yoga, mantra-yoga and so on, but they have different ways of approaching how to reach to their goal “Yoga.”


Above five schools refer to the ontology that Samkhya Philosophy advocates. In Samkhya philosophy, it promotes two ultimate realities – “matter” and “self (spirit)”. It says to know requires a mind, to move or to act requires knowledge. And For knowing acquires through 5 human senses; see, hear, taste, feel, smell. For working, eyes, ears, mouth, skin and nose are the reason to exist.

How to discipline in modern Yoga training school

  • raja-yoga (mental): breathing, meditation training, meditation lectures and meditation camp
  • jnana-yoga (5 senses): Yoga and talk about natural health, printing and publishing editorials and journals
  • karma-yoga (5 sensory organs): Keeping regular hours, Practising Niyama, overcome constitution through orthosis
  • hatha-yoga (body): All yoga training program
  • bhakti-yoga (perfection of the body): Develop Yoga methods for disabilities, Donation

We will go further more about what is Yoga and how to train the Yoga in today’s school.

Iced TEA recipes to Preserve You Cool Summer

Cool Iced Tea recipes to preserve you cool through the summer

When heat is rising, one glass of refreshing iced tea could be the perfect method to cool off. But, before you heading to the refreshing beverages aisle of your neighbourhood supermarket, check out our iced tea recipes. They create the drink that is healthier, tastier and even more natural than bottled iced tea – and, one that’s a lot more rewarding to take pleasure.
Our iced tea quality recipes are simple to follow. Each offers as its primary ingredient among our orthodox-created infusions or teas. The quality part implies that their flavour is hard to beat, and their quality is second to none.
If you’re heading on a picnic, having a BBQ, or calming in the backyard just, these iced tea quality recipes provide the ideal accompaniment. You can adjust them to your preferences, and add fruit or mint to flavour give them even more. Perhaps you may make use of carbonated drinking water to provide your iced tea sort of increased vigour.
With regards to producing your iced tea, there are many strategies to which you could adhere. You may make the tea at nominal strength, chill it to the required temperature then. As another option, you can infuse the tea at two-fold the strength, pour it on ice cubes to dilute it twice.
You can prepare the iced tea beforehand even, to ensure that it’s prepared to drink once you need it. Make the tea at double strength only, place the liquid into an ice-cube bag, and freeze it. Then, if you are ready to benefit from the tea, just pop the ‘tea-cubes’ out from the handbag and dilute them with water to taste. After the tea focus has melted, you shall be remaining with a delicious cup of ice-frosty tea.
If you’re sense adventurous, you can produce your personal iced tea dishes from our collection of green tea dark tea, oolong tea, fruit infusions and herbal infusions. Or if you love to check out a tried-and-examined iced tea recipe, this is a selection of a few of our favourites:


Iced Lemon Sky


4 of Lemon Sky tea bags
350 ml Hot water
100 ml  orange juice
One teaspoon powdered ginger
Mint leaves
Ten pieces Ice cubes

1. Half-fill up a tall glass with the mint leaves
2. Put in a pinch of powdered ginger, and the new orange juice
3. Fill up the cup with ice
4. Brew the Lemon Sky tea hand bags in the boiling drinking water for 2-3 minutes
5. Pour over the juice mix

Earl Grey Punch


One lemon Juice
300 ml orange juice
140 ml apple juice
Three heaped teaspoons Darjeeling Earl Grey tea
200 ml light ginger ale
1 1/2 teaspoon caster sugar
Two springs of mint
Ten pieces ice cubes
Dark RUM

1. Place Earl Grey loosed leaf tea right into a teapot
2. Add boiling water, and keep the tea to brew for 2- 3 minutes
3. As the tea is usually brewing, pour the fruit drinks, ginger sugar and ale into a jug. Add the infused tea, and stir to dissolve the sugar
4. Add the mint, permit the punch to amazing, chill it in the fridge after that
5. Take away the mint, and add the rum (optional)
6. Add ice cubes to the jug, and serve

Ronnefeldt tea Morning Dew (Morgenthau) with Mango

Four heaped teaspoons of Ronnefeldt Morning hours Dew (Morgenthau)
400 ml drinking water – boiled, and cooled to 80-90°C
1-2 cl mango syrup
Mango slices (to decorate)

· 1. Place the tea on a tea infuser into a small sized teapot and pour water in full.
· 2. Leave the tea brew for 2 – three minutes
· 3. Add the mango syrup, and mix thoroughly
· 4. Decorate with a slice of mango

Rooibos Orange Cream


Four teaspoons Cream Orange loosed leaf tea
400 ml Hot water
Acacia honey
1-2 pieces of vanilla ice cream cubes

1. Put the tea into a little teapot, and fill up with the boiling water
2. Keep the tea to brew for two to three minutes
3. Add the acacia honey, to taste
4. Fill a pitcher with ice cubes, and pour the tea on ices to chill down
5. Place the ice cream right into a glass, and fill it up with the chilled tea

To create your taste buds tingle more even, top your the miracles of water with cream, orange zest and grated white chocolate.


Why Do I Love SIGG Water Bottles!

My most favourite SIGG Water Bottle!

There aren’t many premium quality water bottle brands out there, that are chemical-free and environmentally friendly at the same time, except for a few. SIGG is one such brand that manufactures excellent quality water bottles with high safety standards. Swiss brand, SIGG water bottle has stood by their tradition, ensuring they are 100% free of chemicals such as BPA, BPF, BPS, Phthalates, PVC or polycarbonates and EA (Estrogenic Activity).


All of the SIGG undergo additional rigorous testing conducted by independent test laboratories to certify that each of the manufactured bottles meets SIGG’s quality standards. With its introduction of SIGG VIVA collection, SIGG quickly rose to fame around the world as an innovator of smart and ecologically sound drinking solutions. VIVA collection is manufactured from high quality, toxin-free and 100% recyclable polypropylene and it lives up to the Switzerland standard of delivering quintessential value, versatility and healthier hydration choices to consumers.


I came across a SIGG water bottles last week at the supermarket, with its diverse range of colours and various editions. That was fun to see that SIGG water bottles did not just come in Stainless Steel but also in Aluminium, Glass and Polypropylene (my most favourite). SIGG has a lively collection of water bottles with a remarkable colour range that you just can’t miss out. I got myself the clear Red SIGG VIVA drinking bottle that I instantly fell in love. It’s vibrant colour, it’s unique style, and high-quality polypropylene made me buy it immediately.


I take my Red SIGG VIVA with me every day; I can attach it to my bicycle, take it with me to work, put it in my sack when I go on a trip. It just fits perfectly with everything. What I love about my SIGG bottle is its intelligent drinking straw system that enables me to quench my thirst quickly without spilling water on myself, not a single drop of water gets wasted.


I love absolutely everything about my SIGG water bottle; it is not just affordable but very attractive, it has added to my swag, whether I am working out or heading to work. SIGG bottles are all about purity, style and simplicity. The SIGG VIVA collection is rigid, BPA-free and built-to-last for a lifetime. VIVA collection comes in various colours, including, Aqua, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, and Anthracite. They even have exclusive water bottle collection for Star Wars’ fans, carrying the title Star Wars “The Force Awakens” which I instantly bought for my sister who is a big Star Wars fan, she loves the 3-stage cap and full mouth adaptor which makes it the perfect water bottle. For my kids, I got SIGG VIVA Minnie Mouse, Cars and Elsa Thirst-Quencher that my kids just love. The refilling process is easy, and even my 3-year-old can fill up his SIGG bottle before heading out to school. When it comes to the thermos, SIGG gives you the long hour hot coffee or tea. So why not carrying Thermos best travel coffee mugs with you.
SIGG water bottles are ideal for travelling abroad as well, and their thick protective quality polypropylene keeps it safe from all harmful bacteria and impurities and bacteria in the atmosphere. SIGG has recently won the German Design Award for being the best-designed insulated water bottle in the world.


sigg water bottles