Villeroy & Boch Gift Collections

The most attractive country style tableware designs have been used to create a small gifting range suitable for any occasion. Small bowls and dishes, vases that double as candle holders and tealight votives, something for everyone. Its material is premium bone porcelain, and each single piece is gift boxed and dishwasher safe. Visit us at Chloris Tableware to find more info of Villeroy and Boch Outlet.


NewWave Caffé Animals of the World

In addition to the Birds of the World collection, we bring you the NewWave Exotic Fish collection. Adorned with marine life from the Great Barrier Reef and matching plates designed to reflect the currents of the sea, these are beautiful pieces that look like they have been hand painted. New printings are released annually, and the Villeroy Boch New Wave trademark curved handle design that has become a favorite for collectors and makes a great gift.


The collection design is created by a motif from Monets´ garden in Givenchy. The vibrant colour mixture between fine meadow grasses and watercolour flowers in beautiful shades of purple and yellow are the points to look. The delightfully decorated floral pattern gives a romantic mood.


Rose Cottage

With afternoon has made a comeback, the ´new nostalgia´ trend is wholeheartedly embraced in the Rose Cottage collection, celebrating this quintessential pastime with feminine floral elegance. The most famous pieces – breakfast plates, handled mugs, teacups, and saucers – are now available in pink, green, blue and grey.


Villeroy and Boch Rose Cottage


Petit e Fleur

Identifiable by the delicate sprinkling of tiny floral blossoms, Petite Fleur has a fresh and feminine design. Long-lasting proven dinner sets by many fans and is charming, bright and sweet design. Detailed and hand printed accents on each floral points. Plus, Petite Fleur full range of table dinner sets from plate sets to table accessories. Selectable small gift items are spoon rest, sugar pot, kitchen tray, tablemats and more on Villeroy Boch Petite Fleur

Artesano Provencal Verdure

Inspired by the famous Belgian Artist Isabelle de Borchgrave, the fresh décor evokes Province and his life. The collection depicts wild roses and buds in violet, geranium flowers in vibrant hues in orange and red, and delicate rosemary green tendrils. They look more oriental but still attractive to western and with its lovely patterns and the fair prices, it becomes a popular dinner set selection out of Villeroy & Boch.


Exotic Beauty “Amazonia” collection

Amazonia Collection

Sponsored by the botanical drawings of the explorer and naturalist, Alexander Von Humboldt, Villeroy & Boch has introduced an exotic beauty ‘Amazonia collection‘ bearing a brilliant design to the high-class dining ware needs. Each piece has exclusively unique paintings with bright coloursAmazonia Gifts and patterns discovered from tropical region ‘Amazon’. It features wondering creatures including tropical plant, flowers and beautiful creatures. Amazonia Collection is not only just a luxurious crockery, but it creates a story with unique shapes and designs that nowhere you can find. On the premium bone porcelain, each and every piece is delicately drawn by hand and carefully treated to give the perfect quality and beauty. Are you dreaming about Amazing table setting? Amazonia provides you with the answer that makes the dream comes true. Amazonia represents rich and intense botanic colours, delicate touch of gold embellishment, vivid, colourful images of hummingbirds, orchids, butterflies and passionflowers.



The vividity and depth of colours and patterns create a 3D effect on fine bone china. The each scene of each piece brings to life, merely the collection itself is breathtaking and flamboyant. It takes you on a fantastic journey to a world of tropical botanic land. Like Amazonia Fruit bowl, teapot, flower vase and coffee cup & saucer, they come in a perfect gift box so the collection is ideal for a gift, especially for wedding or anniversary.





Review Ronnefeldt Tea “Lemon Sky”

Today, I am going to do a quick review on Lemon Sky Teabag by Ronnefeldt Tea from Germany. It is the infused fresh fruit tea made with Lemon Juice and Lemon Grass. Ingredients are roasted chicory root, Bits of apple, Malic acid, blackberry leaves, citric acid, rose hip peel, lemon grass, lemon peel juice. The brewing time is 8-10 minutes which is quite longer than usual so it can be cool off fast during brewing if you drink it in a winter time.  Therefore, it is recommended warm up teacup or mug. It tastes and smells exactly like Lemony flavour as you expect from the name. Lemon is known well because of its cleansing real estate. It consists of a pretty quantity of Vitamin C and is certainly significantly less than 25 calorie consumption and can get a good diuretic. Sipping warm drink with citrus can be ideally suitable for laundry the liver and flushing out misuse and toxins, and also support digestion and thus, can help in reducing fat.

It includes a subtle flavour and is not overwhelming, but it does not develop a strong/bitter taste, yet the bouquet is an excellent scrumptious and lemony. The Lemon. When in the middle of hot summer, Iced tea is one of favourite summer seasonal teas and simplest one to prepare. All you need is a couple of Lemon tea bags, ice cubes and a little of glucose. There you are done to be on the way. Making Iced Lemon tea also enables you to control the amount of sugar you add, otherwise, you can skip the sugar and just add a piece of Lemon fruit. “Ronnefeldt Tea Lemon Sky” is not so bitter, strong and not too weak. When I first try it, I feel it sparkling freshness from my tongue from scratch. It also soothes mind while sipping it in relax. It is a perfect tea of summer as well as winter time.


Why Do I Love SIGG Water Bottles!

My most favourite SIGG Water Bottle!

There aren’t many premium quality water bottle brands out there, that are chemical-free and environmentally friendly at the same time, except for a few. SIGG is one such brand that manufactures excellent quality water bottles with high safety standards. Swiss brand, SIGG water bottle has stood by their tradition, ensuring they are 100% free of chemicals such as BPA, BPF, BPS, Phthalates, PVC or polycarbonates and EA (Estrogenic Activity).


All of the SIGG undergo additional rigorous testing conducted by independent test laboratories to certify that each of the manufactured bottles meets SIGG’s quality standards. With its introduction of SIGG VIVA collection, SIGG quickly rose to fame around the world as an innovator of smart and ecologically sound drinking solutions. VIVA collection is manufactured from high quality, toxin-free and 100% recyclable polypropylene and it lives up to the Switzerland standard of delivering quintessential value, versatility and healthier hydration choices to consumers.


I came across a SIGG water bottles last week at the supermarket, with its diverse range of colours and various editions. That was fun to see that SIGG water bottles did not just come in Stainless Steel but also in Aluminium, Glass and Polypropylene (my most favourite). SIGG has a lively collection of water bottles with a remarkable colour range that you just can’t miss out. I got myself the clear Red SIGG VIVA drinking bottle that I instantly fell in love. It’s vibrant colour, it’s unique style, and high-quality polypropylene made me buy it immediately.


I take my Red SIGG VIVA with me every day; I can attach it to my bicycle, take it with me to work, put it in my sack when I go on a trip. It just fits perfectly with everything. What I love about my SIGG bottle is its intelligent drinking straw system that enables me to quench my thirst quickly without spilling water on myself, not a single drop of water gets wasted.


I love absolutely everything about my SIGG water bottle; it is not just affordable but very attractive, it has added to my swag, whether I am working out or heading to work. SIGG bottles are all about purity, style and simplicity. The SIGG VIVA collection is rigid, BPA-free and built-to-last for a lifetime. VIVA collection comes in various colours, including, Aqua, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, and Anthracite. They even have exclusive water bottle collection for Star Wars’ fans, carrying the title Star Wars “The Force Awakens” which I instantly bought for my sister who is a big Star Wars fan, she loves the 3-stage cap and full mouth adaptor which makes it the perfect water bottle. For my kids, I got SIGG VIVA Minnie Mouse, Cars and Elsa Thirst-Quencher that my kids just love. The refilling process is easy, and even my 3-year-old can fill up his SIGG bottle before heading out to school. When it comes to the thermos, SIGG gives you the long hour hot coffee or tea. So why not carrying Thermos best travel coffee mugs with you.
SIGG water bottles are ideal for travelling abroad as well, and their thick protective quality polypropylene keeps it safe from all harmful bacteria and impurities and bacteria in the atmosphere. SIGG has recently won the German Design Award for being the best-designed insulated water bottle in the world.


sigg water bottles

Portmeirion Botanic Garden – The True British Pottery

“Portmeirion Botanic Garden”

Ceramic tools in houses increase the beauty and attraction of a house especially pottery tools. These devices can be used in designing the homes, and they are useful daily use, for example, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea time, etc. Sometimes these households make an event special. There are a lot of companies which are making these products with various designs with paintings. Everyone tries to make their product attractive through different techniques. Portmeirion Botanic Garden is one of the best company who produces pottery products.

They make their products, beautifully by using a different kind of designs and techniques. Their unique designs of flowers make their product more attractive. Every piece of product in this company passes through 22 pairs of hands, and those hands make these pieces with love, care and attention. Due to this hard work and loyalty, Portmeirion Botanic Garden always produced excellent collections of households which add an extra bit of joy in our busy life. The central theme and design of this company are flowers. They make different kind and types of flowers on their products with different colours and styles to make the product attractive. This creativity has made the Portmeirion Botanic Garden a successful company in the market.

Once we go into the past of Portmeirion, we will come to know that in early 1970’s, the founder of this group named “Susan Williams” searched for some decorative pieces in a shop. She found a book in which different design of flowers was introduced to various decoration pieces and pottery. That book inspired Susan to go ahead to transfer the concept to tableware. Susan also decided to add a variety of flower patterns in addition to the first idea from the book. She came back and thought about the different designs. Then Susan found another book in where Susan obtained another idea about 40 details and poems. These details and poetries brought out the hidden talent of Susan, and she decided to make different designs. Susan also added butterflies and some other little beautiful insects in her designs to make her designs more attractive. She also put an important addition which is the triple-leaf border that has become Portmeirion identity icon up untill now.


portmeirion ceramic factory

The name ‘Botanic Garden’ was given after 18th century by the poem of a poet named “Erasmus Darwin”. He was the writer of “Botanic Garden” and a legendary poet and the grandfather of ‘Charles Darwin’. This name was perfect for Susan’s design on her pottery. Botanic Garden Dinner sets look elegant and are harmony when someone is preparing dinner in the garden. The greenery of garden and beautiful designs of flowers on the plates add an extra pleasure and joy for dinner.

Portmeirion Botanic Garden brand launched in 1972. Today, the group is known for its unique designs all over the world. With the traditional patterns and floral designs, people still keep buying them for dinner sets as well as for decoration home.

Ronnefeldt Tea – The couture of Premium tea from Germany

A passion and a consistent endeavour to tea industry for about 200 years, Ronnefeldt Tea, German Couture of Tea, coming from finest farm plantations in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Darjeeling, Assam, Japan and China. Dedicated and passionate selections of tea material and extreme care used in harvesting, processing, and packaging have made Ronnefeldt Tea most popular brand with traditional tea production. Ronnefeldt craftsmanship, expertise, the pursuit of perfection along with limited use of mass manufacturing. Using conventional Orthodox methodology which means the handpicks only on best quality tea-leaf out of hay, not by machine makes each of Ronnefeldt tea has a characteristic colour and flavour that make it a unique sensory experience.

Tea planting

Ronnefeldt Tea CEO

Tea Serving

  • Where is tea grown?

Like Fine Bone China (Porcelain) originated from China, tea is likely believed to be originated in south-west China as well during the Shang dynasty as a medicinal drink. Until the beginning of the 15th century, China monopoly had kept on cultivating and producing tea but in the early twenties of the 15th century, wild tea trees were discovered in the province of Assam in India for the fist time.  After that, farmers has started breeding and growing Assam tea were one of the largest Black Tea plantations of the world. Since then only in early 19th century, tea has been cultivated in other countries. However, during AD, some countries like Japan and Korea still grew tea and use as offerings or serving guests. Today tea is grown in many countries from Azerbaijan to Australia, but higher volume cultivation is in India, China, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam. Most of the tea is being consumed in the major importers; Russia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, USA and Japan.

The illustration below shows the tea production share where you can see majorities are from China and India.

Ronnefeldt tea and production share

All you need is SIGG Water bottle from Switzerland

SIGG Water Bottle – Historical branding outperformance

Sigg Bottle has born in Switzerland 100 years ago and now SIGG has become today the world class vessels designer as well as manufacture with stylish and top quality.  Being reusable aluminium containers are not just drinking bottles but also there are more than the drinking purpose.


1908 – Company Foundation: Metal Processing specialist Ferdinand SIGG returned to Switzerland following years of teaching and travelling. Together with his colleague Xaver Kung, he established an aluminium good to the factory in Biel. The two combined their love of metal and the conviction that “Aluminium is the material of the future!”

1958 – Product Line Expansion: by 1958, the SIGG Product family included several thousand household goods, sports and recreational items.

1980 – First Single Colour bottle: 1980 saw the first SIGG single-colour coated drinking bottles. A decade later came to the sports bottle – hot on its heels. In 1992 multi-coloured models with drinking caps emerged.

1993 – Museum of Modern Art New York: The SIGG bottle design was accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1993.

SIGG product line-ups are classified by major three categories: Fresh, Design, and Colours. So you can choose the best option to your need on different ages, gender, professions.

Designed by their prominent designers, some extraordinarily designed bottles has often earned a place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. By light, weight and practicality qualify products being QA controlled in which are produced  in the automated manufacturing lines in Switzerland, SiGG bottles stand their positions as vital tools for mountaineers and sports athletes who are in need constant water supply as well as light weight. Furthermore, Sigg water bottle is an ideal for students who always should pack in the backpack which is quite heavy over so its light weight is vital to students. Unique swing tops with various colours make SIGG Bottles convenience carry and make look outstanding.

 Revolution of SIGG Water Bottles.

Sigg bottle Switzerland

Merchandising Option 


sigg bottle Fresh
Sigg Water Bottle



sigg bottle classic



SIGG Merchandising Options Outdoor Color

100% Natural “Voluspa” – Scented Candles

Voluspa Scented Candles

Choose one of Top 10 best smelling scented candles around the world from Voluspa. Finding their niche by creating striking packaging design and extraordinary scents, Voluspa fragrance including Scented Candles, Diffusers, Room and Body Sprays and Mists are found in prestigious stockists around the world and has become a staple in homes. Voluspa products are made from 100% natural coconut wax as well as 100% cotton wicks, unlike most of the mass-market products containing synthetic fragrances and sometimes dyes. Browse More scented candles click here

voluspa co-founder

Voluspa made its first scented candle for the kitchen in 1999 in the USA, leveraging Traci’s nose to Troy’s engineering background of Botany, developed clean burning fragrant candles. Derived from love for passion, luxury fragrance and elegant illumination, TROY AND TRACI ARNTSEN introduced their first scented candles that burn clean and so renowned the candle industry.

VOLUSPA CREAMY WAX made of 100% natural enhances the fragrance romantic, burns 100% clean without emitting any harmful fumes.

Top-of-the-range candles like Voluspa are the scented candles with natural perfumes or essential oils, but as production cost are high, and it is hard to put in a large volume of quantities, most of the mass market products contain synthetic fragrances and sometimes dyes that can give off harmful particles when they are heated.

How to choose safer scented candles

  1. Consider beeswax or soy-based candles, which have a relatively more harmless.
  2. Make sure the candle has a low, even flame when it is burning.
  3. Look for hard wax kinds, avoid soft one, gel type that often selected for production due to its ability to hold colour and fragrance well, but is made from petroleum oil find out more how to choose Scented candles

Dunoon Mugs – The Premium Quality Fine Bone China

Dunoon Mugs – The Premium quality Fine Bone China from the UK

Dunoon Mugs – purely hand-made quality mugs from Scotland

Celebrating 40 years of British Manufacturing since 1974, Dunoon mugs has become one of world highest quality fine bone china mug suppliers. Starting the business in the pretty seaside of the town of Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland, Dunoon’s philosophy for making cups by highly skilled craftsmanship has remained consistent. It has established its reputation in the industry for beautifully designed mugs. Today, Dunoon Mugs product range is more than 1,000 different models and upon ca. 15 different shapes and sizes from small, medium, large and oversize. Over 250 designs are introduced each year. The talented design team, as well as famous freelance artists, create Dunoon mugs.

Dunoon Manufacturing

Skilled craftsmen and quality control are the keys to Dunoon’s philosophy of producing the highest quality cups.  Well designed in both shape and pattern and manufactured with the greatest care for the discerning customer. Dunoon uses skilled local craftsmen for each stage of manufacturing, many of whom have worked for the company for many years.

Find more about the manufacturing “Dunoon Mugs:

Dunoon Designs

Dunoon has introduced 14 different sizes and shapes of cups since its establishment. Each year Dunoon regularly releases 250 different patterns and designs on these basic shapes and sizes. Refer to the models and capacities below the table. From the Large size, medium size, small size, for more details of exact sizes are available at Chloris Tableware “Dunoon Mugs.”


Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers Range Of Tableware

Tableware  – follows the trends, Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers

Villeroy and Boch are following the directions closely. The German brand has opted for bold colours adding new exuberant prints in their new range of tableware called Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers. With Anmut Flowers designs they have brought vibrant colours millions of tables.


Vivid Colours and Vibrant Looks
Gone are the days of plain looking, all white or beige, and boring dishes and tableware. Villeroy and Boch are now on board with this trend, and they’re leading the way. The world needs colour, and everything just looks better with more colours. Villeroy and Boch debut their Anmut Colour and Anmut Bloom choices. The German company chose these contemporary colours as they’re good when combined or stand out when in distinct sets.

>>Click here to find the Selection of Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers Tableware

Anmut Flower Colour by Villeroy & Boch

Classic dishes never go out of style. Years may pass and new trends may come and go but classic dishes gets passed around from one generation to another. The Anmut Collection has long wowed people with their bold colour choices, decorated with a wide colour stripe and a fine platinum trim. The entire collection is available in various colours: light blue, dark blue, red, orange, pink, green, and grey.


Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers by Villeroy & Boch Pottery

What distinguishes the Anmut Bloom collection from the Anmut My Colour collection are the distinct geometric and highly stylish floral patterns. This cheerful and very colourful collection livens any dinner table and creates a vivid table arrangement that just cheers people up. What makes this collection perfect are the way each set compliments each other which when combined forms a perfectly unique set. Due to their design flexibility, your food and plating presentation possibilities are very extensive. Make your table exciting and give yourself and your loved ones something “new” to look at every day. These collections are different but they form the perfect combination each and every time.

>>Click here and find the selection of Anmut Flowers Tableware

The Anmut tableware collection by renowned Villeroy & Boch is made of premium bone china. This is a distinct kind of mixture of porcelain that has a translucent look, brilliant white colour, but possessing a soft shimmering sheen. The best thing about the Villeroy & Boch Anmut collection is that they are all dishwasher safe. Get the classic look and elegance with the modern convenience.