Dunoon Mugs – The Premium Quality Fine Bone China

dunoon mugs

Dunoon Mugs – The Premium quality Fine Bone China from the UK

Dunoon Mugs – purely hand-made quality mugs from Scotland

Celebrating 40 years of British Manufacturing since 1974, Dunoon mugs has become one of world highest quality fine bone china mug suppliers. Starting the business in the pretty seaside of the town of Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland, Dunoon’s philosophy for making cups by highly skilled craftsmanship has remained consistent. It has established its reputation in the industry for beautifully designed mugs. Today, Dunoon Mugs product range is more than 1,000 different models and upon ca. 15 different shapes and sizes from small, medium, large and oversize. Over 250 designs are introduced each year. The talented design team, as well as famous freelance artists, create Dunoon mugs.

Dunoon Manufacturing

Skilled craftsmen and quality control are the keys to Dunoon’s philosophy of producing the highest quality cups.  Well designed in both shape and pattern and manufactured with the greatest care for the discerning customer. Dunoon uses skilled local craftsmen for each stage of manufacturing, many of whom have worked for the company for many years.

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Dunoon Designs

Dunoon has introduced 14 different sizes and shapes of cups since its establishment. Each year Dunoon regularly releases 250 different patterns and designs on these basic shapes and sizes. Refer to the models and capacities below the table. From the Large size, medium size, small size, for more details of exact sizes are available at Chloris Tableware “Dunoon Mugs.”


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