Exotic Beauty “Amazonia” collection

Amazonia Collection

Sponsored by the botanical drawings of the explorer and naturalist, Alexander Von Humboldt, Villeroy & Boch has introduced an exotic beauty ‘Amazonia collection‘ bearing a brilliant design to the high-class dining ware needs. Each piece has exclusively unique paintings with bright coloursAmazonia Gifts and patterns discovered from tropical region ‘Amazon’. It features wondering creatures including tropical plant, flowers and beautiful creatures. Amazonia Collection is not only just a luxurious crockery, but it creates a story with unique shapes and designs that nowhere you can find. On the premium bone porcelain, each and every piece is delicately drawn by hand and carefully treated to give the perfect quality and beauty. Are you dreaming about Amazing table setting? Amazonia provides you with the answer that makes the dream comes true. Amazonia represents rich and intense botanic colours, delicate touch of gold embellishment, vivid, colourful images of hummingbirds, orchids, butterflies and passionflowers.



The vividity and depth of colours and patterns create a 3D effect on fine bone china. The each scene of each piece brings to life, merely the collection itself is breathtaking and flamboyant. It takes you on a fantastic journey to a world of tropical botanic land. Like Amazonia Fruit bowl, teapot, flower vase and coffee cup & saucer, they come in a perfect gift box so the collection is ideal for a gift, especially for wedding or anniversary.





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