Tea plant and how the quality tea is harvested

Tea Plant and how the tea is harvested

Harvest timing of tea leaves is most important to have┬áthe best tea quality. The earlier they are picked up, the less their volume you earn. The later they are picked up, the less the tea quality you achieve. Tea cannot be harvested by machine definitely but by real hands of farmers. Not every tea leaves are picked during the season. Only a few leaves; small portion or leaves which we call stem, hands pick young buds. We call it “flush” which is the golden parts of tea making the tea quality the best. The quality tea farms harvest this golden parts only. The harvest is carried out when this bud is appropriately grown to pick up during the whole tea season.

In sloping farmland, it ‘s hard to collect leaves, and the work efficiency is low so that it is not easy to control the volume harvesting as well as controlling the stable quality of tea.

Economically optimum harvest timing is closely related to the weather but in general, it is approximately five days after the optimum season starts.

The volume of the crop gets increasing day by day, but the quality gets decreasing day by day counting down from the optimum harvest timing starts. Ronnefeldt tea is collecting such quality tea leaves collected from those tea farmlands.