Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers Range Of Tableware

anmut flowers

Tableware  – follows the trends, Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers

Villeroy and Boch are following the directions closely. The German brand has opted for bold colours adding new exuberant prints in their new range of tableware called Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers. With Anmut Flowers designs they have brought vibrant colours millions of tables.


Vivid Colours and Vibrant Looks
Gone are the days of plain looking, all white or beige, and boring dishes and tableware. Villeroy and Boch are now on board with this trend, and they’re leading the way. The world needs colour, and everything just looks better with more colours. Villeroy and Boch debut their Anmut Colour and Anmut Bloom choices. The German company chose these contemporary colours as they’re good when combined or stand out when in distinct sets.

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Anmut Flower Colour by Villeroy & Boch

Classic dishes never go out of style. Years may pass and new trends may come and go but classic dishes gets passed around from one generation to another. The Anmut Collection has long wowed people with their bold colour choices, decorated with a wide colour stripe and a fine platinum trim. The entire collection is available in various colours: light blue, dark blue, red, orange, pink, green, and grey.


Villeroy & Boch Anmut Flowers by Villeroy & Boch Pottery

What distinguishes the Anmut Bloom collection from the Anmut My Colour collection are the distinct geometric and highly stylish floral patterns. This cheerful and very colourful collection livens any dinner table and creates a vivid table arrangement that just cheers people up. What makes this collection perfect are the way each set compliments each other which when combined forms a perfectly unique set. Due to their design flexibility, your food and plating presentation possibilities are very extensive. Make your table exciting and give yourself and your loved ones something “new” to look at every day. These collections are different but they form the perfect combination each and every time.

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The Anmut tableware collection by renowned Villeroy & Boch is made of premium bone china. This is a distinct kind of mixture of porcelain that has a translucent look, brilliant white colour, but possessing a soft shimmering sheen. The best thing about the Villeroy & Boch Anmut collection is that they are all dishwasher safe. Get the classic look and elegance with the modern convenience.

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