Home Coffee Roasting with Home Coffee Roaster

Introduction How easy it is to roast coffee bean if with “Gene Cafe” Coffee Roaster

Coffee Bean Roasting at home is not very common in Europe because it demands lots of investment on roasting tools and equipment plus time in general. However, there are easy and cheaper solutions out of many methods as long as you have this brilliant home roasting machine as good as professional devices out there. As shown in the photograph, it is quite small a handy size so you can carry on roasting quickly at any place you want to put such as at kitchen, garage, even in the living room as far as you have windows for smoke ventilation. The machine offers you everything you need to get excellent quality of roasting results even though its result is almost as perfect as other professional tools. I have used this machine for many years and found that the roasting result is quite appraisable and been enjoying my perfect bean coffee up to now.


This machine’s product origin is Korea, and I brought it to the UK for my coffee roasting.  The Retail price is around £300 to £400. There is no other tools or equipment is needed for home roasting. Why not trying to make your coffee with your fragrance and taste as you adjust the roasting point by the timer or manually with ease.

For you information, you can refer to the youtube link “Gene Cafe” coffee roaster

Above photo shows the real result by this machine where it shows they are all evenly roasted. It is not as 100% perfect as an outcome of other professional ones but is much greater quality than hand fried methods which are a hassle and messy. If you are interested in roasting home and in this machine, please post with your name and email. Will advise how to get and how to use it.

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