Italian Pot Beef Chuck Roast in pressure cooker

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Italian Pot Beef Chuck Roast

Preparation Time – a quarter-hour

Cooking time – 50 minutes in total

Pressure Cooker



Beef chuck roast ca. 1.7kg

Beef broth 1 Can

A bundle dried Italian salad dressing blend ca.  28g

A bundle dried Country dressing mix ca. 28g

A bundle brown gravy mix ca. 35g

Veggie oil two teaspoons

Onion 1 large size and diced


Cooking Method

Put and heat the veggie oil in the pressure cooker keeping the lid open up entirely. Place the chuck roast into the pressure cooker and saute it until it turns to dark brown around all sides of the roast.


Making gravy sauce: In a small sized coupe bowl, mix it jointly with the Italian salad dressing blend, Country dressing mix, and gravy altogether. Sprinkle the source using a gravy boat evenly over the roast.  Serve the beef broth over the roast and add the diced onion next to it.

Close the lid to lock the pressure cooker safely and heat up to the highest temperature to build up pressure gradually till the pressure cooker reaches the set indicator or whistle.

Lower down the heat to moderate temperature and leave it for about 50 minutes. Stop heating and let it stay for 5 minutes. Exit the pressure cooker at the ambient till the pressure down to unlock the lid for safety reason. Alternatively, the juices can be used as a gravy or thicken it with cornstarch or flour.

Now enjoy the mild and delicious beef roast cooked in pressure cooker.

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